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Does anyone know if the 50 post limit can be lifted? It has to do with the Trust Level thing, but I ran out of posts rather quickly in my first day of normal forum use. My pm design discussions will be very much impeded if I can’t post enough to keep up.

Or, does anyone know of a faster way to rank up? Pretty much everyone is still at Lvl 1, I think.

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I also suggested previously that the post/topic limits should not apply to PMs:

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The not ranking up thing is due to the fact that nobody has been on this forum on 15 different days yet.



@DRow This seems very silly, especially after just switching to Discourse, but I just wanted to hear what your thoughts were on potentially using Flarum in the future. I know the intention was originally to migrate the VEX Forum to Flarum, but as we all know they are slightly behind schedule :unamused: I was wondering if you still plan to eventually migrate the VEX Forum to Flarum once they have ironed out all the bugs and have a stable forum, or if the new plan is to just stick with Discourse as long as there aren’t any critical issues.

I do like Discourse, and it was a great decision to migrate under the current circumstances. However, I don’t know if anyone feels the same way, but I was really looking forward to using Flarum. It has so much potential to be even better than Discourse, especially when it comes to additional customization, features, and user interface, and hopefully someday in the distant future, I would like to see the VEX Forum on Flarum.

To everyone, what are your thoughts on this?



I think Flarum has the potential to be great for smaller forums, but I think the VEX Forum (especially now that it has engulfed the VEX IQ Forum) is simply too big for Flarum.

I don’t mean the software won’t be perfectly capable of handling the VEX Forum – it may well be perfectly capable. But the truth is: Flarum is dependent on a very small group of developers working in their spare time. As we learned with esoTalk, this group of developers really can’t keep up with the demand for maintenance and bug fixes, let alone new features.

On the other hand, Discourse is developed by an actual company, that actually has money and resources dedicated to Discourse development. The bug report-to-patch time for Discourse will probably be significantly better than with Flarum in the vast majority of cases. And the team behind Discourse will have a major financial risk on their hands if they start slacking on Discourse development.



this made my study hall lol



This. The developers of Discourse seem to be very active, and seem to have a good handle on fixing bugs / adding new features.

Like you said, as long as there are no critical issues, I don’t see any reason for putting the Forum community through another migration for the foreseeable future.



Just as a heads up, the forum will go down for around 30-60 minutes tonight for some scheduled maintenance.



NOOOOOOOO. Not again :disappointed_relieved:



What will I do for 30-60 minutes?



Watch it be gone for 8 hours.







I was worried about this, but it only seemed to be out for about 5 minutes. Thanks DRow!



Btw, I figured out a way to bypass the character limit. Behold!

Edit: No, I won’t reveal my ways. Forgive me.


removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #38