What are the main VRC building standards/habits?

My team and I have been doing VEX IQ for many years and only next year we will be switching to VRC. The building standards to create a well functioning consistent robot in VRC are much harder than Vex iq. I was wondering what are the main techniques to creating a good designed robot. One for example I have heard is to use bearing flats to not grind down c-channels. Any tips would help


Build the V5 clawbot trainer, and maybe even one of the pre-designed game trainers (the so-called herobots) to quickly learn the basics of good construction, then get started on the engineering design process as soon as you’re able, so you can create the best possible competition level bot.


One of the best ways I learned how to build better was by watching and analyzing other people’s high-level robots to see what techniques they were using in order to apply them to my robot.


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I’d suggest reading it, thinking a bit, reading it again, trying some of the stuff, and going from there.

Is it perfect? No. Is it a very good starting point? Yes.

Good luck in VRC.