What do you do for your storage (2022 edition)

Sticking this in the IQ sub since I’m mostly looking at IQ storage.

I got looking at the amazing setups in /r/LegoStorage for people with all sorts of parts to try to manage. While I thought I had a lot of IQ parts, some of these collections are pretty amazing.

On of the posts had a link to LEGO Brick Labels - BRICK ARCHITECT a label for every part currently in the Lego universe of parts. It’s pretty cool that you can buy the labels from them or if you have one of the fancier PTouch makers you can print them in colors.

I’ve ordered a set of Avery 8.5x11” blank labels with the intent to print the current list of legal IQ parts and use them as a start on labeling the dozen or so plano tackle boxes that I use.

I’ve also got a stack of Team Virus bin inserts that I use to sort beams, gears, etc by color. Each of the inserts has all the same the color of parts. If I have more parts in that color they go into a ziplock bag,

So other than a large tub that you just dump everything into and stir it to find the part what do you do for your parts?

( To anyone that works at VEX, can you tell us how you keep all of your parts for making new models? I saw the space this summer but wasn’t able to get a close look at what was there)


Currently, we rubber band beams of the same size together and dump them all in the bin.


We have these little containers (will post picture later) that we organize all our pins, stoppers, spacers, etc. into. It’s really helpful to do, lets us access small parts that would otherwise be difficult to find. Highly recommend


Foam organizers are now available for the IQ Generation 2 kits (and also for the generation 1 kits). The generation 2 organizers fit in the original generation 1 tubs (which you can still purchase if you’re looking for a strong, durable storage tub).


If you buy these storage inserts, not only will you have a great storage/organization system, but all the proceeds we receive from the sales support our VEX team (3547/MCCC) Here’s the link: VEX IQⓇ Related Products & Organizers - Robosource.net - Robosource.net


Hundreds of drawers with each part, in each color permutation, labeled with Part Numbers & ISO pictures of each part. Many drawers have multiple parts or same part, different color.

Once you get used to working on what we call the “parts wall” for long enough, you don’t even pay attention to the label, though. I could probably walk into our lab blind-folded and find the drawer for 228-2500-143 Shaft Collars .


Nice, thousands of Arko-Mills drawers. And it looks like I’m on the right path with using the labels made off the allowed parts list. I like how someone took the effort to color some of them in.

Thanks for the reply and the great picture!!


We tried this in our lab for IQ, and the standard M.O. for the IQ students was, at the end of work-session, to choose a bin at random and clear their worktable into the random bin. It took two volunteers two evenings a week to try to keep things in order.

Attempt at IQ storage:

Now we just use the foam superkit organizers (from Robosource), and keep additional parts in a “mentor-only” storage area. If an IQ team becomes interested/informed-enough to know there are parts available in addition to the superkit, they just have to ask and we’ll give then anything they want.

We’re much more successful on the VRC side:


As someone who has sorted and organized the entire parts inventory alone for our club, I love this more than I can say with words


One of the great Lego things is the Brickstore software BrickStore . It lets you input a kit number and it will explode out the parts. There are lots of people that have unused kits they then sell as individual parts. I’d love the ability to order more of the unusual VEXIQ parts, rather than trying to find the kit the are in. BrickLink Stores Located In USA Is the link for all US brickstores.

I’m sure there is some opportunity there to make some money on a similar network of VEIQ parts.

My org’s v5 storage. Closet is a mess, so it is somewhat organized…


I was looking for new little drawers and came across these.

Presently 48% off to make them $26 each. These are sold in a number of different places, but not at this price.

For our teams we have racks for the different teams and each team puts their stuff on their shelf of the rack

We have added three of these racks this year. Getting and keeping them organized is a continuous process.