What happened at a tournament that makes you annoyed/angry to think about?

This is on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of things to be mad at, but during a qualifying match, our team was (magically) the 1st seat, so that obviously meant we could be paired with a useless push-bot and go against a better version of our robot and a team that literally was an intake and had like 3 mogoal clamps. Our push bot got flipped over in the first 20 seconds, and any attempt at grabbing a goal failed. Fun.


Bad calls. Had one at our last comp and lost the match.


Happened last Saturday. Our tiny single claw b-bot was in the semifinals when our teammate was trying to balance. another bot grabs a goal the bot was trying to balance( all in the last 30 seconds) and pulls it down. clear DQ . the ref says that its not a DQ because the other bot was trying to steal a goal and not try to slow an robot from climbing. we argue that intent doesn’t matter ( part (b) ). he gives the worst response possible; “We are just college students and these calls are hard to make”.


I think i have mentioned this before but we went to a regional IQ tournament in 8th grade(squared away). My team and our sister teams were completely destroying the competition. Our team had a 30-point average above our sister team which had a 15-20 point average above the 3rd place team. The host school some how got 2 of their teams to go with both of our teams in qualifying rounds. This wasn’t what bothered me tho. What really made me angry was the fact that the Head judge (from the host school) waited for both of our teams to go with their teams so they could get the score jump in their averages and then called both of our teams over to have our bots remeasured and re inspected multiple times. We still won the tournament and excellence award but we got some cold stares from the head judge.


We were pinned for 15 seconds and the refs were talking with someone else and we had to yell at the ref just for him to sasy 5-6 times “I am going to dq you if you don’t let go” in a monotone voice, over and over. WE lost that match because we couldn’t move. They were also hoarding, but the ref didn’t see it, so the other team didn’t get dq’ed. Our teammate one match also didn’t show up, so we 1v2ed and lost 120-103.


I have been to 4 tournaments this year, and in 2 of them, I have been knocked out of the elimination rounds due the refs making an incorrect call.


We went to a tournament in Tower Takeover. We were playing an elimination match,

Tower Takeover was the year of traybots and insane flipouts. We had struggled with size for most of the beginning of the year, with some wacky flipouts and constant changes and fiddling. We even got DQ’d for size once. Finally, we had finally gotten our sizing and flip out down.

One of the teams on the other alliance was fiddling with their robot on the field for a solid 5 minutes, obviously trying to get it in size. So I did the rational thing and called size.

The ref took over the sizing tool and sized them. They were out of size.

One of their team members bent over, and pushed the top of their robot. The ref sized them again and they were in size.

We proceeded to lose that match.

It was just kind of infuriating to see a team just push their robot and get in size, because we were never able to do that.


The autonomous for my elims alliance partner at VEX Worlds in 2009 (the #1 seed), messed up, got stuck, pinned an opponent for the entire match, and got DQ’d.

Meanwhile, I’m watching from the sideline like


Lost a match by 4 points because the ref gave the Autonomous to the other team even though they didn’t have a ring in the goal that REQUIRES A RING to gain a win point. I’ll live but it sure did bother me.

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I saw that. The ref even proved it wasn’t touching.


What makes me mad is when you go to a competition and there is GPS tape on the rims of the field and it does not work because of it and on top of that there are people wearing shoes on the field.


That sounds like a horrible experience, but it’s still impressive that the score was so close in a 1v2!


We got stuck under the platform bc of auton twice

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back wheel ‘magically’ ( sabo ) fell out at tt semi finals @ states comp


Our left motor cable got severed within our drivetrain and rendered our only possible match that season useless.
We only had a practice with another organization that we could do, because our tournament host cancelled because of the Omicron wave.

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The win point has nothing to do with winning the autonomous bonus.


I agree that the re-inspection several times seemed a bit suspicious, However, the qualifying matches are set up at random by the Tournament Manager software, so the statement that host school “somehow” managed to have their teams go with yours in qualifying sounds like you are claiming that it was intentional on their part. And at the risk of sounding like a troll, the officials at the field are referees, not judges.


I agree the brackets or teams or whatever er u want to call them are random. Also yes i messed up i said head judge instead of haed
ref the head judge was actually quite nice that’s just a slip up. Also it’s kinda hard to describe but the way thet pulled us to the side for the re inspections was kinda aggressive on the head refs part I guess i should have included that because that what led me to belive thatyhey were trying to mess with us rather than the re inspection. Because re inspections are completely normal and legal they are allowed to do them but the ref was more aggressive e than she needed to be and she seemed aggravated when we passed the reinspection with no provlems and they said stuff like “your robot is to close to the size limit” as if the size limit was a suggestion and that the bots should be smaller than the game manual says which is completely absurd any how long story short im not trolling


We were the ones spinning


Judges not looking at replays when they obviously missed something.