What is a good scoring mechanism for tipping point 4 motors

put the team name or a link so we can credit and see it

You’ll have to be more specific than that. What are you trying to do with those 4 motors? A drive? Mobile goal mechanism? Ring mechanism? Multiple?
You can try to take inspiration from these robots, I’ve linked a youtube playlist with multiple tipping point robot reveals.

For more specific ideas, though, you’ll need to give us more knowledge.


is 4 motors all that you have to work with?

or are these 4 motors you have spare (in addition to 4 motors on a drive)?

you won’t be able to make a very fast robot using only 4 motors, but if you have 4 on your drive, 8 motors total, you can use the remaining 4 for a variety of scoring mechanisms.

There isn’t one best way to play this game, take a look on youtube to see all the different robot designs people have come up with so far.

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We have 4 motor on our drive train, 1 motor per wheel and we are trying to ma a mechanism to lift the mobile goal and the max motors is 8 so we have 4 more to work with

8 motors in total is what we have to work with

it only takes at most 2 motors to lift the goals.

You can have a 1 motor 4 bar lift, see:
Vex tipping point 283 pt. driver skills -38141B - YouTube

and then you can choose from a range of different goal holding devices. a claw that grabs the stalk of the goal works well, but prevents grabbing of alliance goals with a lot of rings on them. Clamping mechanisms also work well, and are better at grabbing alliance goals with rings on. Both of those would use a motor or pneumatics. (I’m assuming you have no pneumatics). You could alternatively go for a forklift type holder, but those are less effective than an active grabber because they have difficulty releasing the goals and require you to slide the forks under the base of the goal before picking it up.

If you want to focus solely on lifting goals, I’d recommend having a lift and grabber with 2 motors, and then adding the remaining 2 to your drive, so you can have a ton of pushing power to play defense with.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you could use those two remaining motors for some sort of ring scoring mechanism, worth it if done well, but that would add a lot of complexity to your robot so you might not want to attempt it at this moment.


Also, If you are fairly new, I would recommend looking at and at least taking inspiration from Harvard-Westlake’s Amogo and Dogo reveal. Harvard-Westlake Robotics: AMOGO x DOGO Reveal
These are very simple and capable designs that are very easy for a starting team to do.