What is the Best Flywheel Configuration?

in this video I tried to test if adding more weight to the flywheel would make it more consistent or not and if replacing my previous design (rubber wheel) with a gear on top of the flywheel would make it more consistent or not. I am asking those who have built their fly wheels what they think the best configuration for the flywheel would be.
Also which other design would be most consistent in terms of staying at the same RPM.
Sometimes the second shot it either too powerful or not powerful enough which makes it miss the goal and this also sometimes occurs with the first shot as it can miss the first time by being to fast or slow as tested in the video.

Video Link

I had a similar question, so you may want to check this out:

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Find my thread on flywheel analysis. Look at the side shields… they cut down power usage dramatically, which leaves MORE power to accelerate back to launch RPM.

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