What’s the biggest brain fart you have had in vex

Just a fun little thread, I would love to hear some of your vex stories!


At the beginning of the season I drove straight into the other teams platform to steal a goal after 30 secs were left


Oh, this one’s gonna be so fun!

  • Had my lifts at 50% speed in the code for some reason
  • Teammate last season once had one red motor and 3 green motors on a wheelbase (we actually competed in a remote skills competition that way)
  • A teammate: “why do you need torque for a lift?”

And probably a few others that I’m missing


Chose the default “Drive” option for a comp match. Literally the clawbot program that comes built-in to every controller.

As you would expect, none of our controls worked. We flopped around like a fish out of water the whole match and lost. Sad but true


uhhh, oh boy. During TT I designed, prototyped and tested an entire intake module, a task that took about three hours. When I was done I looked upon my well crafted intake module, everything looked great, build quality, low friction, compact, rigid but still light. Then my team member came by and asked why I was gearing it down…Yeah I made a slight whimpering noise and proceeded to bang my head on the table. During that entire process I did not seem to realize that I had in fact designed it with the gear ratio slowing down and not speeding up.
I’ve done dumber before, but I consider this my worst cause this was at the point that I had plenty of experience and dozens of awards under my belt. Was a very big dumb.


Mine didn’t happen at a competition but its still pretty dumb. I was reffing at an iq tournament at my old middle school. So I had a really long day since I was there first thing to help set up and there until the end to take down. Anyhow I went home and decided that I was gonna work on my own robot. I started replacing pieces on the pneumatic clamp since we has cut a pice ro make it fit in the limits. I ended up redoing that same pice 3 times the same way which was the right way but each time I thought I had done it wrong.

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I built these field carts for our Event Trailer to hold 4 fields during the “Turning Point” game, but I forgot to take into account the height of the flag wall/net attached to the field, so the fields wouldn’t fit into the trailer! The carts had to wait until the next season to be usable…


Found a leaky fitting on a solenoid. While switching out fittings and testing out things with teflon tape, I attached both ends of one tube to both outputs of a solenoid in order to make testing faster. If you know how a solenoid works, you know that I just created a guaranteed leak, and I spent the next hour and a half trying to figure out where the leak was coming from.


During our league finals during the Turning Point season one of the members of one of our teams apparently was messing around at the pits and shoved an empty water bottle in their robot’s ball intake and forgot to take it out. It was quite a surprise when their auto ran the next match and shot the bottle out their flywheel. They got a warning, but probably deserved a DQ. Needless to say, as a coach I was not very happy. They never admitted who did it, but as the years have passed I am pretty sure I know.


You can exit it and (re)start the program in the middle of the match.


Brain fart pt 2 then

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The list might get quite big here…

  1. Trying to screw in a bearing flat without a nylock/lock nut on the other side.
  2. “Why can’t you put a mobile goal under your platform?”
  3. Mid competition- I’m yelling at our driver to do something, and something goes wrong in our plan. (That happens VERY often by the way)
  4. Forgetting the robot for a whole 10 minutes. Substituting the word with “thing” and “abomination” was sufficient :slight_smile:

I lost the controller and was looking for it for like 5 to 10 minutes. It was in my hand.


I static casted my controller axis value twice, meaning it barely moved. I spent a solid two hours trying to figure it out


One of our teams (new freshmen team) was rushing to get the robot done before their first competition, and forgot their brain. It was on the robot and all coded, but they must have taken it off for some reason and just forgot to put it back on. And for this reason the team brings an extra brain (we have lots of v5 clawbot kits for regular engineering students so we have some spare brains and controllers)


Tower takeover, was a clawbot against two stackers, and decided to knock over one of their piles without remembering that that was illegal

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i just froze and kept driving into the platform during the daniel hand meet in ct in november

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happy cake day @ZackJo! hope you have a good birthday!


Tried to take the robot off the field as they were still scoring


I tried to Fix the wheel with a zip tie once did not go well

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