Where will worlds move to?


Dallas, TX is where I heard


Heavy bayous here, but MD would be nice


I would like to visit Washington sometime, but I don’t think it’s centrally located enough. I’m from Ohio, so I could drive to Kentucky, which is nice. (Assuming I could qualify)

What about Missouri? FRC Steamworks Worlds was held in St. Louis, so they have a venue. I also kind of like the idea of Texas or Oklahoma.


But Indiana has corn!


So does every state Indiana exports to!


Miami would be great for the Latin American teams, but there aren’t that many of them at Worlds, and I’m not sure if we’d have a big enough convention center.

There’s also Orlando. Worlds was held at Walt Disney World in 2011 (in the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex), although holding it there again might be too expensive. TSA Nationals is held in Orlando, too, at a hotel. If Worlds was in Orlando, teams could go to Disney or Universal during their trip. (Or SeaWorld for a water game.)

Edited to add: California has Disney/Universal (and SeaWorld) too, though. (By the way, the Orlando idea initially came from a post by @Space from 2014.)


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As cool as I think it would be to see Indy host Worlds (I could literally walk from my home!), I don’t think it has a good family attraction like Louisville w/Kentucky Kingdom or Anaheim w/Disneyland. I guess we have the Zoo but like…


Orlando Disney World has been the worst location so far.
There isn’t any venue that is big enough over there… and it was just so expensive!

Dallas was decent… in fact, pretty nice.
Anaheim was good too… with lots of attractions, but food was a tad more expensive than Louisville.
The international teams can do away with domestic flights, which is a huge plus point.

Louisville… the “international” airport is quite bad… domestic flights are always a nightmare, you have no idea if your robots will arrive together with you.
And serious… I have students that attended worlds in Louisville for the past 4 years… we have totally exhausted all the options for rest and relax activities.


Aneheim sounds good in my very biased opinion.


My vote would be for Atlanta. There are tons of convention centers, plenty of hotels, a huge international airport, and plenty of attractions to keep people busy during the trip. The only thing I’m not sure about is cost. It’s a fairly large city, so the cost might be a significant factor.


Disney World can’t handle the size of Worlds now. It couldn’t handle it when it was a fraction of the size then in 2011.


Traffic would be horrible though.


Traffic is always horrible in Atlanta. During Worlds would be no different.


That’s the point im trying to get at.


Keep it in Kentucky. Its my shortest drive I have to go for an event. #PurdueIsFar


Is there a real good reason o move it out fo Kentucky? Besides just a Change in scenery?
Kentucky isn’t overly large, so traffic wouldn’t be as bad as it would be in Orlando or Atlanta. And it’s centrally located, unlike some other locations. (Texas or Oklahoma would be okay)
I don’t really see a solid reason to move it. The venue (to my knowledge) works fine, the seating is good, and European teams wouldn’t have to fly as far as they would to get to California or something.


I want to keep it in Kentucky, but that’s only because I’m about 100 miles from Louisville and know the area well. I can’t comment outside of that, having not been to worlds (or even state). I will agree that the airport isn’t great. To be honest, when I lived in Lexington, I didn’t even know we HAD a big airport in Kentucky.


@Got_a_Screw_Loose perhaps because of the skyrocket of price in hotels around Louisville, that seems like a good reason to move, but then again to find a place where that doesn’t happen is tough.


Indianapolis has Lucas Oil Stadium that is also connected to the Indianapolis Convention Center.


My concern was the combination of floor space and the arena. Yes, the Anaheim Convention Center has plenty of floor space, but the area in Anaheim is woefully inadequate, even with the split of VRC and IQ. 500-600 High School VRC teams, 300 Middle School teams and 60ish VEXU teams is about a thousand teams times on average about 10 per team, participants and spectators and a 7500 seat arena is NOT going to cut it.