Where will worlds move to?


It was a joke. Century Link is an open stadium, so you would be playing under the drippy Washington spring skies.


@Rick_TYler Water game?


@gilmorkn472 Yes. Yes, the best water game would have to be in Washington. There is nothing but water here.

Seattle has a ton of great food and stuff to do, too :smiley:


Walking around the Lucas Static Stadium and shocking your entire family is a good family attraction!


I vote we move Worlds to a country that’s not the USA once every four years. Then everyone can travel out of country once in their vex high school career.:airplane::small_airplane::flight_departure::flight_arrival:


You might have a slight (read: major) problem getting adequate US representation if Worlds was held outside of the US.


VEX sends several tractor-trailer rigs to the World Champs, along with an army of people to set things up and tear them down. The cost of providing this internationally would be mind-bogglingly expensive. Anyone want Worlds to cost $4,000 per team? :slight_smile:


What is this… FIRST???


Is there anyone besides us who wants to stay in Louisville? Of course we’re only a few hours away. Atlanta would be slick too! In our dreams where we have unlimited funds, we vote Dubai…


I for one would be totally cool with it staying in Louisville, but i also wouldn’t mind a change of scenery either


Even though it would be fun to invade some unsuspecting new city, the logistical nightmare that is Worlds means that Louisville is the likely home for the next several years. Just because a contract has an original term doesn’t mean that it can’t be extended.

But, if we can be irrational about it, how about Tokyo? I would get on an airplane with a robot to go to Tokyo. After all, it IS the home of giant battle robots. Bonus: it would probably be cherry blossom season.


Why not something on the east coast, like philly or Boston


LoL. I hear semi-trailer trucks have been able to transfer their cargo to dog sleds at the Canadian border for reasonably low fees. We may have to build a larger igloo, but at we’re willing to offer a reasonable discount on the value of a dollar. :slight_smile:


Is that because American teams are less able to travel than teams from other countries?


No. We’re just lazy.


No, not at all. It’s primarily due to the way much of our education system “functions.”

In my experience, it is already a huge challenge getting everything settled for a school-approved trip to Louisville. If Worlds moved internationally, I genuinely don’t see any of the teams from my former school district ever getting a school-endorsed trip to Worlds.

On the other hand, because many major international events are held in the US, I imagine the prospect of a trip to the US by an international school team is not nearly as unrealistic.

Though, to be clear, community teams from the US should be perfectly able to travel internationally to Worlds, assuming sufficient funds are available of course.


You got it. It’s an inconvenience, but a minor one for many nations, to cross a border. One of the great benefits of hosting the event outside the USA would be that we would see fewer posts explaining why American teams can’t travel internationally… because they’d have to suck it up and figure it out just like teams from every other nation.

Personally, I think American teams are no less capable of figuring out international travel and arranging funding than the teams from many nations who travel to the USA.

That said, there are difficulties for an American non-profit, such as RECF to operate outside national borders, and hosting the event inside the USA does make things easier for a larger number of teams. Which is a pity, really, as there is much to be learned from international travel and a competition isn’t truly an ‘international’ or ‘world-wide’ competition if the championships are always in the same nation.


Living in the Indianapolis area I can tell you that it would be awesome if it came here. Great airport. great hotels, centrally located, vibrant downtown and the largest growth of competition robotics in the country. Makes sense to me but I’m biased :smile:


Doesn’t anyone in Indiana EVER want to travel? :slight_smile:


From why I have heard from several people is Indianapolis will be the move. Sounded like vex is testing the Lucas oil stadium and the Indianapolis convention center because they are right next to each other with Indiana’s state championship and then possibly moving it there. As far as being a logical move Indianapolis makes sense because something like at least 75% of worlds teams are US so it will not move out of country. Then to keep team cost down they are going to centrally locate the worlds competition so teams can drive to the venue and are not forced to fly. So easy and west coasts are out. This leaves mid western hubs like Louisville, St. Louis and probably the best Indianapolis, with possibilities in Chicago or Kansas City. But your best option out of all of those is Indianapolis.