Who cannot attend worlds?

my district prevented my team as well as 8 others (98706 and 5999) from attending our state championship due to an outbreak in the same county states was hosted in. unless we get in through the skills ranks or by being on the wait list, our shot to worlds was denied.

Ironically because of Corona i might be able to attend worlds. My driver was part of travel club, and they would leave on the last day of worlds. Travel club was cancelled because of Corona.

Just FYI- we got an email this morning saying that they won’t be able to set up the outdoor spectator area after all. I will admit that I too was thinking that spectating in the rain didn’t sound great anyway. They are also saying “no tailgating” so parent’s won’t be able to hang out in the parking lot watching the live stream either. I for one am still just really glad that the EP is doing everything possible to still give the kids a chance to compete, and have a great State Championships experience


Team 6047M here, our school district closed all out-of-State travel funded by the district so we won’t be attending US open or worlds this year.

Team 6047M The Martians are from Colorado. 4 of the 5 teams from Colorado are in the same district and will not be allowed to travel. The Martians will not be able to defend their 3rd place Robot Skills finish unless the REC Foundation comes up with an alternative plan for Worlds.

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my district wasnt even allowed to go to state, were on the wait list but i doubt well be allowed to go even if we get invited

Howdy, we’re from Australia and due to a ban placed by the Department of Education in our state we’re unable to attend due to covid-19.
Some other countries in the european + asian areas are unable to attend as well due to restrictions imposed by their schools and governments,


Wow. If this many teams are unable to attend, I don’t see how worlds will even happen. This is really an unfortunate situation.


In the UK there are no official bans in place yet but some schools have decided not to let teams go. The financial commitment is also far too great (about £2000 per person) for many people to risk with the uncertainty at this point in time.

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Yeah we just got new info on how LA has new restrictions on how many people can be in a event. They said that you can not have more then 1000 people at an event and so they did the math and realized that it could have more than the 1000 person limit. So they said it will be a drop off event and that spectators would not be able to watch from outside. But they still have food trucks ,the LA bomb squad ,and a ton of other stuff so idk.


There is another thread when I said that “tail gate robotics would be cool” Big lot, food trucks with the smell of brats, burgers and taco’s. TV’s in the back of SUV’s tuned to the live event. Could be the next step up from being inside. California Sun, Food trucks and Robots, who can resist that?

Sorry your event is a mess, hope you do well!

some people in new mexico arent going to worlds because of covid.


The public school system in our state has banned all school approved travel no excused absences for a week = we cant go


But worlds is more than a week away

the week meaning how long id have to miss to go to worlds

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oh, you mean they won’t let you leave for a week at a time?

i mean that my school wont excuse the absence from my record if i miss a certain number of days unexcused i cant graduate


Oh, that stinks. 20 chars

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Public schools from Miami-Dade are not allowed to travel out of state.

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from where this is going. Barely anyone will be coming…

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