Who is the best organization in your opinion?

Remember, the point of VEX is not to win, but to learn. We should be judging based off of learning opportunities, and not competitiveness

That said, I would like to nominate 929 Hereford Zone Robotics, as they are a huge all grade level organization that teaches the students really great engineering concepts. I have seen many examples of elementary school students progressing in build quality year to year. Plus, if you’re still going to count competitiveness, 929U went to the round robin last year and was picked by first seed in research division this year.

As a runner-up, I’d say team 24. (Definitely no bias here.) Again, this is judging on more than just competitiveness. (Not that 24C wasn’t one of the best bots during Sack Attack, or that we haven’t sent at least one team to worlds every single year of vex.) But jokes aside, Super Sonic Sparks is a 4-H club that has more members every year, and students of all ages and grade levels. Our leader/mentor is not only an amazing teacher, but a great role model too. One time, he had my team over to his house to work literally all night in his basement on order to finish the bot for next year’s competition.


I’m surprised nobody has mentioned 2 yet. I think they are past their prime, but historically they have been very strong. (2 of their teams got into the worlds finals of gateway with completely different bots)


RR is pretty nice

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Green Egg - 44 is pretty awesome group. Fortunate to have Fed VII from Toss Up hanging out in our workshop.


Yeah the 2s are a historically strong group, as are the 1010 teams now.

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Here is collection of some of our Worlds robots, QCC2 and 44. A great reference collection.


As of today, 6627. 5225 was good this year, but definitely not the same caliber as last year. They got reputation picked by 6627a in arts div.


574C was top of skills up into Workds where they came in second. That’s pretty good I’d say.


9605A did really well this season, being 1st in the elo rankings.

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@jack202020 Is on 574…

@Anomaly 3324 in middle school is ridiculous


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Sorry I don’t agree with people who report posts and then brag about it.


I agree, 929 teams or Hereford Zone Robotics have been pretty dominant in Maryland, and are pretty competitive at worlds. 929U made it to rr last year, and also was picked by 1st seed this year. 929X was also in eliminations for worlds this year and last year. From Maryland, I believe Hereford took 5 or 6 spots for worlds, so I would nominate them for best organization. On top of that, their iq program is really good, also sending about 4 of them to worlds this year.


Aaron didn’t build the robots lol

In terms of an organization i think 169 has constantly had incredible results. For the past couple of years they have had at least 1 team that makes RR (I know they made it in ITZ and TP and i’d assume other years prior.) This year for example we even almost had 2 169 teams make RR. Eli also seems like a cool mentor and must be doing something right for this much consistency in quality.


I wish we could go with by region as well. I think it should be one of those things where if the team shows up at worlds. We could look at where they came from as well.

I agree, and I am about to post a thread about this.

Edit: Here it is: Best Organizations by Region

The best organizations outlast a single kid/group of kids. Great mentors lead to great programs and if you’ve talked to @meng for more than 5 seconds you would understand how great 8059 really is. Sad to see those guys go.

On that note, Eli and the boys over at 169 are definitely at the top of that conversation too.


How bout some 9364 love? middle school world excellence this year, design in high school, top 50 skills in the world back to back…

The 5225A team performed much better in RR than the 6627 team. And, if we are talking about good organizations, 6627A had a hole-count of the skyline robots. That is not really a good look for “best organization”