Why are judging rubrics not released?

Hi, does anyone know why judge rubrics are not released back to students? Last year, we had our rubric accidentally returned and found the feedback very helpful. Just wondering.

Hmmmmm. Interesting question. I would think it would be with all the manuals and game rules. If not, I have no idea. Maybe check were DRow posted the game

I know that on the rubric itself that it says to not return to students

This is a hot topic that has been discussed many times before. Judging is very subjective and while the rubrics provide a good baseline to measure teams, there is still a lot of discussion that happens that is not documented. Its a tough call weather returning the rubric is in the best interest of the team or if it would cause a lot of problems because it doesn’t provide all of the context.

I think @Foster has been researching and testing notebook feedback.

Take a look here:


Other threads where this has been discussed:

and various others - a forum search for “rubric return” returned lots of results.


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