Why Do people put omni wheels in the front and back but in the middle something else if they do not want to much drag?

I was just wondering why people put omni wheels in the front and back but in the some type of traction wheel middle if they do not want to much drag?

The function of the omni wheels is that they greatly improve the fluidity of turns and general mobility. Their drawback, however, can be grip. they have zero lateral grip, and less forward/rear grip than many other wheels. So, a solution many teams use is placing a traction wheel on each side. Since they are centered, and there are only two per side, it does not impact the robot’s mobility. However, it does greatly reduce the amount that a robot can be pushed around. Additionally, when you say people do not wish to add drag, keep in mind that going from four to six wheels does not actually increase drag. The only thing that would increase drag would be an improperly tuned gear train, if there is too much friction as the system moves. The wheels, however, have nothing to do with this. Hope this helps!


While it seems perfectly intuitive that a traction wheel would have more traction than an omni wheel, this isn’t actually the case. Omni wheels actually have considerably better traction than traction wheels, as shown in this post. At least, for the old wheels. It seems like a test with the new traction wheels is in order, but I would still put my money on omni wheels for better traction.

That said, nothing compared to the amount of traction from a custom flex wheel traction wheel, which is why many people use them in the middle of a 6 wheeled drive. It allows for more traction when pushing, and is highly resistant to being pushed sideways, which seems good this year for roller control.


They are shockingly good. I changed my mind and decided against making custom flex wheel tires.


Interesting. I would not have guessed that omni’s had such better grip than the vex traction wheels. I was in general referring to traction wheels as a whole, based on what you sent it is clear that what i claimed is only the case if it is a custom traction wheel. That said, any traction wheel will of course have more lateral grip than an omni wheel.

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Which wheels are the new traction wheels? I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to

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The anti static wheels.

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anyone know if the 3.25 omni antistatic now have the same rubber as the 2.75 and 4"?

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