Why DRow?


Im genuinely curious as to why this was locked.


This is so sad, “Alexa play despacito”


I’m going to guess that it had strayed so far from the original topic, the last dozen posts were just junk.

The title of this thread could be better too.


That is true, but when do you draw the line between deleting posts and locking the topic?

And yes it could be better, what were you thinking? I was just trying to get a reply from DRow specifically.

should I @ him in the OP?

B’scuse me? The title was amazing!

The thread, as stated, had turned into spam just short of reaching the highest responded to thread. It had gotten way off topic, and nobody was there to reinstate order. On smaller tangents, I had personally made an effort to steer the direction of the thread back on topic.
Alas, I was otherwise occupied at the time, and nobody else took the initiative to try to get the thread back on topic. (At leas tot a large enough degree)
Half of the later posts were from Discobot and likewise spam. I reluctantly support the locking of the thread.

However, if the spam could be cleaned up, specifically the Discobot dice rolls and fortunes, maybe we could save the thread. Maybe.

Also, (but less likely) DRow could be trolling the thread by locking it. It was referenced at one point that DRow would lock the thread right before it reached the #1 spot. But I doubt this was the case. (Please prove me wrong. I liked that thread when it was on topic.)


Petition to get the “That Moment When” thread unlocked, for however much good it’ll do.

  • I sign this petition.
  • I wish for the thread to remain locked.

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I would be completely fine with the many off-topic posts getting deleted, but I dont understand why it had to be locked. I know that the moderators shouldn’t have to be going around deleting off-topic posts all day, but I also dont like the thought of threads getting locked from other users’ actions.


Chicken and egg. If people didn’t post off topic then the mods wouldn’t need to delete them. At some point it becomes annoying and the lock happens.

@Gameoa - Often used phrase is “This is why we can’t have nice things”, which I’ve distilled into “People are why we can’t have nice things” I think of all the things that start out being very nice and people start taking it for granted and then it’s a mess.




Where’s “Enough internet for today” when you need it?!

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So apparently 4.3% of posts on the “that moment when” thread were from discobot, so including individual people doing discobot fortune or dice rolls, almost 10% of the first thread was spam. Not cool.

I apologize for contributing to the spam, especially with discobot. I was not aware of the negative impact caused by my actions.


Interesting. I didn’t run the numbers. I called Discobot once, and then another time on accident. It was actually part of the actual content when I did it.

I left for the majority of one day and it just really went out of hand. Kinda disappointing, honestly.

I didn’t look at it over the weekend either, during that period it gained over 50 replies which were all off-topic in addition to the few from Friday.

Thanks for the replies @Foster and @DRow, but I still (albeit selfishly) wish the thread could be reopened at the expense of having to go through and delete all the posts that were off-topic.

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I removed Chit-Chat/Rumor Mill from my feed the first day we switched to the new forum, even before removing IQ stuff. That being said, i don’t think you can call anything out as spam or off topic in a thread that is dedicated to a meme. Maybe it should be its own subcategory of Chit-Chat/Rumor Mill where threads that have no intention of serious technical value can be dumped and left relatively free in terms of off-topic or spam, and only moderated for behavior.

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However, there’s this. That Moment When chat


@gilmorkn472 not any more :smile:

The purpose of this forum is for meaningful discussion of robotics. There are plenty of other places where a signal-to-noise ratio of almost exactly 0 will be quite welcome (namely certain places on Reddit, Discord, etc.). With that said, some amount of pointless posts are tolerated here in #edr-general-discussion:chit-chat-rumor-mill. The problem is that That Moment When got way out of hand.

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I think the whole thread was out of hand before it was started. I think it was pointless yammering, as it was intended to be. I do not feel the forum lost anything by having it locked.

BUT i think there is value in allowing pointless yammering among a like-minded community as long as it is in a designated location, so those who don’t want to see it, don’t have to.

I love the wealth of deep and concise information available from Reddit and StackOverflow, but i really dislike the community dynamic and the flaming hoops you have to jump through to ask a question that meets their criteria. I’d rather VEX not become like that.