World Championship Party/Celebration

Hi this is Iao School robotics. I’m not the one who usually posts things so this is a first. My team is going to worlds for the first time in Dallas. We heard something about a party afterwards and we need some info if we want to attend. We know there was going to be entertainment and games, but we don’t know what kind of games or entertainment. Some of our team members are not sure if they want to go, but giving us the details might convince them. If you can get back to us on this it would be most appreciated!!!
Sorry for posting it in the wrong area!

well last year thare was a mine golf, some lil games on th side, lots of outher fun stuf and thare was somthing called arc attack or somthing like that but it was lots of fun!:smiley:

Basic team party information is posted here

The party is a complete blast. The team members that don’t go will definitely regret it.