Worlds 2019: Research Division Pre-Scouting

First off, congratulations in making it to Worlds if you did so!

For scouting purposes, you can use this thread to post about your robot, flex reveals, and get a general idea on alliances. Good luck at Worlds!

I think im in engineering

Then you should post here instead:

My team is in research division. We don’t have a reveal yet, but 20610n is our number and we are a flag based flywheel bot with a skills of 35.

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Apart from 11495B, does anybody else know any seemingly strong cap bots? Think they’re gonna be a big threat in this division? We have a bunch of top tier flag players though.

This includes effective dunkers (under 8 seconds) who can also shoot like PigPen

1965A is a good cap bot


14641B from Korea, here you go

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