Worlds Suggestions...?

Hello! Our little team from SoMD just qualified for Worlds!!! We are SO excited, but we have a few questions regarding the expectations for Worlds. I know that there are similar topics out there, but they are SO OLD that I am sure that some of the information is outdated.

So the first question is this: What do I pack for the experience? Apart from basic necessities, is there anything that you are expected to have for the competition?

Secondly, Are parents allowed to stay in the same hotel/housing situations as their children?

Finally, How much free time should our team expect to have? I am sure that we will not be having consecutive/back to back to back competitions, but just how busy will our day really be?

If anyone has any insights on how I can better prepare myself and my team for worlds, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks So Much!

<3 <3 <3 Andromeda Starr

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Just copy and paste your whole post here into that thread and then delete this one quick before someone complains or calls in DRow.


Travel arrangements are up to you and your organization. It’s not like there’s an “olympic village” for the teams.

Not much…just the evenings after the day is done, but keep a good eye on the match schedule, and be sure take a little time to walk around and see what exhibitors are there.

Keep up on this thread, rather than posting a new one: Whats Worlds Like?