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Well this is it ladies and gents, guys and gals, boys and girls, and all other walks of life. Worlds is just around the corner. We are traveling Tuesday night CDT and will arrive sometime Wednesday morning. Only about a 10ish hour trip from where we are from in Mississippi, better than the 16 1/2 hour bus ride to Create US Open. It would be cool to hear how long yalls ride or flight are going to be and from where everyone is traveling.
But most importantly, everyone stay safe, get there swiftly, and we’ll see ya in the pits or on the field.
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wow we had the same 16 hour ride to the US Open. I wonder if we know each other.

No connection :slight_smile:

OH MAN, we get 12 hours drive from Wisconsin to Kentucky on this Wednesday.

Dang man, good luck with that. Long rides = not fun. Trip to worlds should make up for that though

We have the incredibly long 3 hour drive from Indianapolis to Louisville. We are very excited to see everybody at Worlds! Come find team 6842Z(PigPen) in the middle school pit area to exchange buttons!

Ha lucky. for the record, I envy all you Kentucky teams out there. Stay same and will definitely check yall out

Massachusetts teams have an 18 hour bus ride to Louisville… We will be taking an overnight break in PA.

Good luck to all this week!

My drive is only 6 and a half hours and we live less than two hours apart? Tony I think you might want to double check your map and make sure you are not going in circles XD.

We have a short 5 and a half hour trip from where I am in Michigan.

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, lmao, last year we left at 8 in the morning, and we got there at around 7:30, and the pits area almost closed; this year we decided to leave at 7 in the morning, so we can get there before the pit area closes

Oh boy can’t wait. It’s going to be awful awesome!

According to google maps, EC3 to Kentucky Expo center is 44 minutes.

Bus to Airport ~ 30 mins
Wait at airport (security etc) - 3.5 hours
Heathrow-Chicago-Louisville 13 hrs 5min
Airport to Hotel including collecting bags ~30 min we hope
Total travel time door to door - 17.5 hours
Total distance - Almost exactly 6860 km
Apparently its quicker than from Massachusetts though :slight_smile:

We are frugal - we rather suffer a little (ok lots) and use the money for new parts. Also, the bus trip back has been a rolling workshop for analyzing and developing strategies for the new game. That head start is huge. Also on the bus are incredible mentors to a lot of teams in Massachusetts - QCC2’s Blue Rooster.

Look forward to this week!

We are actually located in the center of Indiana. But yeah, I envy all the Kentucky teams too.

You know that I am in charge of the on-road entertainment - you should polish up on your singing voice:

Wheels on the Bus

We welcome suggestions for our playlist…

I envy you. We are flying to Indianapolis and then driving because it’s cheaper than flying to Louisville. So we have to do the same drive, AFTER a flight. Oh well. :slight_smile:

Enjoy the airport :). It’s a nice one. The drive from Indy to Louisville is actually not that bad. You don’t really hit a bunch of traffic until the bridge to get into Louisville.

We’ve done it before, but thank you!