Worst mistake made at a Vex comp?

The worst mistake made at a Vex comp?

This is just a general question so maybe people can learn from your mistakes and to reminisce on those mistakes so they won’t happen again. It’s also for the lols.

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I didnt make a mistake but my teammate called our captain his jedi master during a judges talk.


I gave an answer on a different post before (dumbest thing our VEX team has ever done) but I’ll repeat it on here. Our programmer decided to download a new 3 point auton to replace our iffy 5 point one on the second day of states. He lowered the outake velocity and forgot to reset it back to its normal speed before driver control. In all of our second-day matches, we could barely intake cubes because of how slowly the intakes moved and we didn’t find out the reason until after our matches :skull:. That mistake dropped us from 9th seed to 34th.
Worst. Mistake. Ever.

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There is another thread about this as pointed out by @forzapixel. Go there and add stuff.

Epic disasters are the many, many, many teams that show up with a robot and no battery.

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Last year (Turning Point) one of my teams must’ve been bored and playing with an empty water bottle between matches at a competition. In any case, they forgot that they had stuck the bottle into their robot’s intake and when the match started and their auton program ran it spit the bottle out their robot’s flywheel. They were DQ’d from the match, and I (the coach) was not amused. To this day no one has been brave enough to admit that it was them who put the bottle in the intake, but I have my suspicions.


During a judges interview, I stalled for like 7.5 seconds because I didn’t want to interrupt anyone and I wasn’t sure if I should’ve talked. That kinda blew our chances of getting design/judges/excellence at that event lol

ohhhhh that is not fun

Forgot to hold my robot. XD XD!! Autonomous drove it straight off the table!

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