Would this shrader valve off amazon work for our pneumatics?

MOMOALA Alamor 1/8inch NPT Nickel Plated Brass Air Compressor Tank Fill Valve Schrader : Amazon.co.uk

need for worlds next week, so wanted next day delivery. Would these suffice?

Considering the part is not a 8090410075 from Schrader Pacific, no this would not be legal.


oh. But is this the same dimensions otherwise?

How could i get the legal one in the UK

From a legality perspective, it does not matter. The GDC has been very clear this year that parts that are identical to legal parts are not themselves legal.


short answer is you can’t in time for worlds

but you can substitute it by getting an additional tubing fitting for the reservoir from here and using an on/off switch to make a remote fill valve: Better way to fill up pneumatic reservoirs