Wrong standoffs in TiP kit?

Today our team’s Tipping Point full field kit arrived.

I sat down to assemble the platforms and well, I can’t even actually start. The parts list calls for standoffs of 0.75”, 1.5”, 2”, and 3”.
While I have the 0.75” and 2” packages, the 1” and 3” are nowhere to be seen. I’ve scoured every box.
On top of this, I have a pack of 3.5” standoffs which aren’t listed anywhere??

Is anyone else having this problem? Is this intentional and I’m just not too bright? Is there a solution?

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I can’t answer any of your other questions but as far as a solution goes, you can always just use your own standoffs, assuming you have the right lengths and quantities.

Hopefully this isn’t a widespread issue.


Call or email support@vexrobotics.com My experience is that they make things right really quickly.


The instruction book parts are not 1:1, we measured all the standoffs with measuring tape and we have 0.75”, 1.5”, and 3”. We are still missing 2”, I have emailed support too so thank you for the email address @kmmohn.


The 2” standoffs came inside of the corner connectors, not their own package. There are confusing screw lengths but it all works out in the end too.
I’ll happily answer platform questions in PMs but this topic is finished.
Thank you to those who helped :slight_smile:


why PM when a picture is worth a 1,000 words… or many pictures a million words. You created this thread to solve a problem - share it freely to all teams vs private messages.


Can you send a video of how wobbly yours is? Like just push all the way down on one side and let go.

I’m not smart enough to post videos on the forums so check discord

Just upload it to youtube and link it here.


BAHAHAHAHAHA fair enough

Or use Google drive, or an unlisted youtube video, or a regular YouTube video.

Any other questions? Now I know I can also make videos to answer them.
Keep in mind the platform isn’t connected to the walls so it is slightly more wobbly than it would be.
I can also take a more clear video, I have all my tiles down now.


can you do another video?
this time with it all the way connected?
seems odd that it has so much wobble
Woe to the steel robot that breaks that


As always I’ll still take any and all questions :+1:
[thanks for the epic thumbnail, YouTube]


It still looks like you may have a bit more play in that Platform Base than is ideal.
This is a time where these screws really need to be tightened down well. I’ve gotten a few questions like this already, and to hopefully ease some anxiety that may exist in the future I figured I’d reply here since I’m sure these videos you are posting will get some attention.

This standoff/screw combo into the under tile plate is very important to get right and tight.

Because the 3/8" screw and the 1-1/4" screws face the opposite direction, there may be a time when you actually loosen the 3/8" screw while tightening the 1-1/4" screw. The result of this is a shakey Platform Base. The best way to solve this is throwing some elbow grease into the 3/8" screw when installing the 3/4" standoff. Make sure all these screws are super tight and you’ll have the best results. The Platform will still shake a little during use, but that’s to be expected.


This not clear to me - if you have tightened the top most screw -1-1/4 - into the standoff, the standoff will continue the torsional forces clockwise and thus also tighten the 2/8 screw. I did quick finger test to see how the bottom 3/8 screw would go and sure feels like it too is tightening. Maybe I am missing something here.

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I guess my explanation is not super clean, but the fact remains that I’ve personally seen a tight 276-4991 & 275-1015 combo get loose while attempting to install the Platform.
My warning remains the same. Make sure everything stays tight during assembly.


We have the anti-static floor tiles, which may be thinner than the non-anti-static tiles and found we needed to substitute out the 3/4" standoff that goes into the floor plate with a 1/2" standoff. Would this be considered a reasonable assembly?

I’m probably overconfident but I’m not too worried by the wobble anyway,

I think the big issue is the molding of the box halves.
This is tough to explain so I drew a little picture,


Instead of being flat on the bottom, it reaches a tip (shown on the right) which I feel like is at least part of the issue.
Also I should note that I got my 2nd dose the same day I assembled these so I was not working at 100%, I can open up the boxes and re-tighten.

Edit: I see what you mean by I could of loosened it in the process, I’ll definitely investigate that screw tonight.


I am reporting back.

I just tightened the screw inside, I made sure both sides had no give whatsoever but the platform is still wobbly.
I believe I have found the primary “culprit” of the wobble, and that is the plate holding the platform under the tiles itself. I know there’s not much to do about it but the plate creates a lump that the block sits on. Since this lump is in the center, there is elevation on both sides of the block and that means room for the whole thing to wobble.
Perhaps there can be an official addition that adds thin layers (like styrofoam) beneath both sides of the block to resolve the lump issue, I believe this would be the best solution to eliminate wobble.

I’m going to try to test this and post another video.

Edit: YALL ARE GONNA LOVE IT (hopefully)


Will be getting game set tomorrow - if FedEx allowed to drop off material tomorrow. Our HS students will be doing field assemble - will have cameras rolling to record whole field and close of elements.

Request particular close up shots you need.

I will be focused on not blowing up robot gardening gear tomorrow.