X-drive for Over under python

I am starting to do more practice for my python coding, and I’ve been looking at how to code an x-drive for my drivetrain in python. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get started with one, or anything that might help with learning how to make one?

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Type “Holonomic” into the forum search dropdown, there are dozens of topics and some of the code you will find might even work. Here’s an old, but good and still valid, post from several years ago. At that time we were not programming in Python, but the concepts are still the same and Python code will look very similar.


This post might also help with your x-drive. It doesn’t explain it very well, but it gives the code in python.


Thank you so much, I’m super new to the forum thank youuuu.

That’s what the forum is for. We’re all here to help each other and give advice.
Welcome to the forum!

C. Rhineheart
9545C Team

well, i dont code python. However i do have advice about chassis’.
I think that an X-drive isn’t the best idea for OVER-UNDER only because when it comes to 18, 18, 18 inches an X-drive can be made evenly. however it might be harder to navigate through and under the lift bars. As of right now, my team has a 4 wheeled chassis with front wheel drive and the chassis can lift off the ground while the wheels are still on the ground. it instead of going under the lift bar we go over the divider pvc. i would suggest making something that goes over the middle instead of under the lift bar.