X drive Question

Hi. This Year, My team made a X drive, that works fairly well, but driving is hard to get used to, and the driver of the team asked me, the programmer, if it was possible to have the bot drive differently then normal. He wants me to code the bot, so whenever he uses the joystick, the bot moves to the left, no matter the orientation of the bot. I am not sure how I would accomplish this, so I thought i would ask on this forum. Thank you!

Epic tutorial


seems like I posted this link just a few days ago, it’s old, and in RobotC, but the concept still applies and should be easy to port to VEXcode.

perhaps if there’s time I will create a demo project at the weekend.


Sorry, I completely forgot to reply to this. Thank you for this! I will look at it and try to update it to vexcode v5 pro c++. I would greatly appreciate a demo project.
Again, Thank you! This helps alot.

The VEXcode version is in this topic.