Your Ideal Game

Hey yall!
So worlds is cancelled and the season is basically over, meaning a new game is soon to come out.
I wanted to know, what traits make up the ideal VRC game in your opinion?
I personally enjoy a fast paced, yet simple game. One that spectators who dont even know anything about the game can easily understand.
Along with that, a game where robots are easy to build, but hard to master. It makes it easy for young teams to get into VRC while also allowing Veteran teams to have an advantage.
To visualise, think of starstruck. Simple game, but constant tossing of stars and cubes. Even the parents could understand what the goal was. And robots were really simple to make, but veteran teams could use advanced techniques to get the edge over their competition.
What do you all think?

I prefer a more complex game. I enjoyed Tower Takeover because the strategy was so important. Our robot was not the greatest, but we had a solid strategy and good driver. That helped us qualify for the non-existent worlds. I like games where the robots are easy to build, but the design splinters. That was part of what I liked about Turning Point. The designs were different, and not one was significantly better than the others.


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