2021-2022 VRC Game Predictions

I know it’s a little early to start speculating, but with the restrictions, my team hasn’t been able to do much at all this entire season. So, I’m bringing up the age-old question of: Will we get a water games?

On a realistic note, what are your hopes/goals/predictions of the 21-22 season?

Personally, I hope we get another game with a lot of scoring options, such as TP (parking, caps, stacking caps, flags…), and a bit more focus on the actual robot as opposed to a lot of strategy.

What do you guys think?


Yeah. These last 2 games have just had one robot that everyone builds. I want one with a little variety, multiple ways to score. Also, an endgame, like the park in TP sounds fun.


You did get one - VEXCode VR Corral Reef Challenge.


TT was supposed to be the water game. Something went wrong at TP worlds though, according to Grant’s statement: “The fields are leaking!” While we may have interpreted this as Grant just building suspense, when the game was revealed, lo and behold we saw a field with 7 empty water glasses.


I thought they were fish bowls?

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I think it will be a direct scoring game (as opposed to back and forth). I hope it has an endgame task and involves climbing.


How about just a terrain game? Rather than manipulating game elements, you could carry a minimal number of objects over difficult terrain, and perhaps do a pull up at the end.


Yes. That was what I was getting at. Something like in turning point, but the terrain is the challenge.


Back and forth: starstruck (2016), tp (2018), cu (2020)
Scoring: nbn (2015), itz (2017), tt (2019)

I think next season we will have a scoring game instead of a swing game


I’d like to see a game where one game piece could be scored in many different ways. say, a disc with a hole in the center, you could throw it into goals or skewer it on posts.

or, a game where you have to use multiple scoring elements together, like a tower that you need to create by putting together 2 types of game pieces. kind of like in skyrise I guess.

all I know is that I really hope the game is more of a challenge than lifting a super light sphere 18" off the ground, because change up is probably the easiest game since maybe even elevation.


Frisbee Frenzy+Turning point?


It would be cool to have a game with rough terrain. I feel like we haven’t had that many games with obstacles to go over in order to score.

Also, it would be fun to have an endgame element like the balancing bridges in 2012 FRC & Crossover. Especially if its point value could make/break matches (like the center platform in TP), and if you needed to cross it in order to score.

Another endgame that I think would be fun would be hanging from a rope (like 2016 FRC).


Always remember for the games they have to design and build fields that cost $500 to sell to other teams and EPs.


I know this would be super not possible, but what if there were hundreds of small balls, that kinda simulated water, and you had to collect and organize them, and put them in containers. That would be a water like game but without actual water.


I have been thinking of a game where you balance on a pipe at the end of each match.

I would like to see either a shooting game (with a non-shooting component for lower level teams) or a game like FRC 2019.


I’ve always liked how FRC games are themed.
I like hangs. Maybe only 2 spots to hang, so there is a race to them? I would like one more with a stacking theme (I like DR4Bs) but more original than TT.


In FRC 2004 there was only one spot for all the robots to try and hang. It was kind of a disaster, but it would be cool to see if it actually works in VEX.

I would be afraid that it would turn into FRC 2003, a king-of-the-hill type game. That was also a broken game, so I think that VEX could design a game that works well with that component. By “broken” I mean that you had to build stacks in the middle of the field, similar to FRC 2015, but the other alliance could knock them down. So no one scored stacks and instead went for the brutal strategy of tipping everyone else over and getting the endgame points for being on top of the ramp at the end.


True, but it did give us this all-time clip.


Aw you guys are making me sad. I age out after this year :confused: