590B's World-Winning Design Notebook

It is my honor to be able to represent such an amazing team as 590B back in Turning Point. We had a bond so strong that team 590 being at a competition would lighten my day, as we grew together. Keilan from 590 is one of my closest friends, as we go to the same university together and struggle together to get our engineering degrees. I eat with him every other day, and we hang out and vibe together. Keilan is one of my role models as I was his as well. I am incredibly grateful for such an amazing friend, and with permission I am able to make such an amazing resource available to the community.

590B’s design was simple, so simple that anyone would never have thought such a robot would have made semi-finals at Worlds 2019 for the Turning Point season. But he did, and with great dominance. If his alliance partner has not been entangled in the net in his match there would have been a great possibility those who were at Worlds 2019 would see Keilan at Freedom Hall. Keilan has proved to me and everyone around, that an world-level robot in VEX does not have to be an advanced piece of machinery with handcrafted parts, but can be merely a simple robot since early season with thousands, maybe even ten thousandths, of hours driving the robot to the brink of understanding every screw, bolt, and weakness are known. That is why, as time persisted, my mindset has shifted from the idea that robots do not have to be complex. They can be a simple design, and from this you could justify the fact that the winner of worlds does not have to be the flashiest. And so forth, that also applies to the design notebook as well.

Keilan not only made semi-finals at Worlds 2019. He also won Design Award at Worlds 2019 in his division.

I would like to present Keilan’s notebook from 590B as an addition to the VEX Wiki:

I hope this notebook can be seen as a resource for teams to learn that what matters most is a robot that does its job well and consistently. And, as an addition, you do not need a fancy binding or colors to make the notebook. You just need to follow the prompt of the notebook guidelines with the best of abilities.