Vex Mogo lift

Does anyone know how to make a mogo lift for vex? I have been looking on vex forums, and YouTube for a couple of days and I can’t find anything. Help would be appreciated.

There are many ways to make a lift and many types of lifts. I would suggest looking up “four bar lift” as its a common type of lift that is used in vex and used in this game.

I already have a four bar, I was wondering if anyone knew how to make a “Mogo Lift”.

Can you explain in more detail what you mean by “Mogo Lift”

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ahh, I think I see what you mean, I thought it was a type of lift too, MOGO means MObile GOal, so any lift meant for a mobile goal is a “MOGO lift”


Are you looking to use cilinders or a motor?

No, it is a tipe of lift

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You can start by looking at robot reveals on YouTube
I wouldn’t recommend building a bot out of EDR unless you have no V5, it’s not legal for competitions

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Oh this isn’t my robot, I was just trying to find a picture of the lift, and yes I am using v5.

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Its a sideways 4-bar lift with a mogo fitting
Do you need help with the lift part or the mogo fitting part?

Take a look at Amogo and Dogo for inspiration, they have some good ones.
Harvard-Westlake Robotics: AMOGO x DOGO Reveal


thanks, thats where I got some of my inspiration from.

honestly, I don’t really know. :smile: I know how to make a four bar, but I have no clue how to make a sidewise four bar. I also have no clue what a mogo fitting is.

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If I understand correctly you want to build something like this that lifts a MOGO. This lift is a four bar. It has four bars that are connected by rotating joints.

I have never heard any one describe a four bar as side ways but what they mean by this is that the function of the four bar is not to go up but rather out. This is just a normal four bar that has been designed to go out and down from the starting position. My interpretation of a mogo fitting is the four bar has been designed in a way that it lifts a mogo.

thanks for your help! what do you mean by lifts a mogo?

I could answer the question or I could ask what do you think it means. There is not correct answer here, and I can’t really answer for every variation of what this might mean.

So what do you think it means?

What would be a way to make one out of cylinders we tried using string but it didn’t work

You don’t need cylinders to make a clamp, a loose fit will work just fine on a passive claw for your four bar lift. Though if you want to make a clamp, I’d recommend something like this (the average cylinder claw designs)

I was talking about a cylinder lift something that can carry a mogo like a forklift