Better Graphics using VexCode - will publish

I don’t use PROS as of now, and one issue I’ve been encountering is jsut the annoyance of using the VexCode api. It takes a very long time to actuallt write anything. I am going to try to work on a real system, including but not limited to, buttons, charts, tracker code (as in it displays a color, corresponding to good or bad situation), and menus, and then publish the code for anyone to use. Even if it’s out there, I still want to code it myself for practice. Plus next year i need to do something, and this takes up some more of my time. Hopefully I remember to update this. If you guys have any ideas of what to add, reply on the thread some of them! I want to make it a very thorough thing. Also it will be completely open source, because people who are closed source aren’t very cool


I know a lot of teams have interest in Autonomous selectors.


I like that idea, you can definitely do it using my api, graphics. the problem is whike you would just need an integer and an if statement, you would have to select the autonomous before you plug in the controller to the field. I don’t even know if it’d work, so yeah I’d have to test that.

Would it be possible to do graphing, if given an array of x and y values of equal length? This would allow graphing of PID in real-time, to adjust. Also it would be cool for adjustment dials you can add as well. :slight_smile:

Like this.


Yeah, I think we could do adjustment dials. That’s less graphics and more functionality but hey why not, I’m gonna try anyways. It’ll be like a health bar though, so be ready for that.

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Ooh, one really good idea would be to get the output of a color sensor and show it on the screen, That would be nice. You’d have to make some concessions though since the amount of colors on the screen is less than that of the amount on the color sensor, so you’re gonna end up having to estimate. It’d still be really cool though! I just hope that drawing one pixel at a time won’t take so long…

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not really relevant. We treat the screen as 24 bit color even though it gets converted to 18 bit in the hardware.

why draw one pixel at a time ?


To emulate CRT displays?


Well you can’t run multiple pixels at the same time with a while loop. So you’d have to go one by one to draw each pixel, unless you decided to have lower res in which case you could help performance a bit.

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Hey I made this a while ago, but yeah since I’m switching to PROS this might take a while. But I definitely want to do it for my teammates, and honestly a better graphics api should’ve been given in vex in the first place, so I’m still publishing it. I think it would be smart to put that graphing tool they made for spin up in it? We’ll see!

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Hey I posted something awhile ago and I got busy and I forgot about it and it was really just a project I had some random thoughts about and really didn’t have a direction and really was having just a bad day with a programming tool and really should have just not put it out there. But then there were some reply as always a few people were trying to help and but I also had some mentor back notes that I also really sort of forgot about. But I’m still on a learning curve and there is all these other ideas that have been implemented and I’m wondering if I should try to include their work and maybe add to it.

We’ll see or not see and that is the question whether it is more noble in the hearts and minds of the slings and arrows posted by others around random posts. Or to take arms against them and posit more and different sea of troubles. Or should I just end them, type it all into the tiny window and then hit delete, just ending them. The idea of whether it is better to post or not to post and that is really the question of the hour.

A question that may have relevance here, but in other places and lands, by other lords and knights.

(Thanks Bill Shakespeare!)


i mean mate it’s not that deep I was studying for finals

Plus I was definitely doing it, and still am, because I have many plans for user interface which need an EasyGUI library. I’m using PROS now so it doesn’t really apply to me, but for my teammates and people on the forums I do think it could make things easier. Just a simple program, simple syntax.

Edit: for the pixel thing, I could literally just thread it. That would make it go much faster, though I’d have to make sure that it isn’t too much threads