Build and debug the VEX V5 robot

Hello friends.
I am new to VEX V5 robot debugging. I have a race on December 5th. I want to assemble a robot that complies with the rules of this year. not standard. I want to build a robot design that collects discs and shoots normally. Please help if possible. Collect discs normally from the field and there is no drop mechanism. please help “VEX V5”. Thank you in advance.

Welcome to VEXforums! I would recommend browsing through V5 materials for teams at:

You can find lots of information to prepare for your first tournament.

Robot designs vary - what they do depends on how it fits into the team’s overall game strategy.


Here are 2 popular designs that were released:
Harvard-Westlake Robotics: BLZ-i Reveal
MENTORBUILT - A Robot Made in 12 Total Hours For Your Enjoyment


Thank you very much my friend !!!

Thank you my friend.

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