C++ For VEX IQ

VEX Code IQ Text is coming out soon. It is based entirely on C++. Are there any other applications that can code VEX IQ in C++ currently? I understand that RobotC has something similar, but I am looking for pure C++. All of the resources I have found, including VEX Code Studio have been aimed towards V5 code development.

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RobotC and VEX Coding Studio are both becoming obsolete from my understanding. When VEXcode IQ Text is released it will become the main platform for programming for IQ. That being said, C++ is a rather complex language, and is probably not great for the target audience of VEX IQ.

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You can just stick with RMS, which used blocky and python…

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Are there any non-obsolete C++ applications for VEX IQ?

Does RMS include C++?

VEXcode IQ will include both Block-Based and C++ support. We’re targeting may (after VEX Worlds) for the first public release.

Is there any current solution?

See this Program V5 now with Robot Mesh Studio (Blockly, Python and C++)

I don’t think the C++ works for VEXIQ, we use the blocks and python

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@sankeydd @adambrest @Foster

IQ C++ since last August: C++ for VEX IQ now with Robot Mesh Studio

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Thank you for the quick reply and answer. I appreciate your help.

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