Changes to vex?

As a fun project, work out what size and weight of battery each motor would need based on V5 specs.

One of the issues is that not all motors on a robot draw the same current over the course of a match. This is balanced by the fact that they all draw from the same battery.
In a system where all motors have the same battery, an intake than might draw very little over the course of a match compared with a drive motor would still have the same size battery.


Why? We just got V5 and you’re already asking for something new? Also if almost certainly wouldn’t be called V6.

There was the

  1. PIC v0.5 Microcontroller
  2. ARM Cortex Microcontroller
  3. Weird FRC Cortex thing
  4. IQ Brain
  5. V5 Brain

V5 is the 5th microcontroller VEX has released. It will be a long time before the sixth.

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Part of what I tell my employees and others that I manage “Don’t come with problems, come with problems and solutions.” I have a problem, I posted a solution.

So what would be your plan?


Foster, while I too am bugged by the constant pointless and redundant topics, and I think that much can be done to solve that, I also think that you’re being a way too harsh on a newcomer. People are (rightfully) upset, and have a right to speak their minds, just they don’t quite know how to do it in accordance with Forum policies. I would much have not seen @JustALonelyAstronaut’s recent topics, due to their redundancy and pointlessness, but I think you’re being way too harsh. If Max decides to post another thread of the same style, my mind might change, but they’ve been warned about not doing that, and they haven’t since. Please chill with the constant criticism when it’s not important.


Yeah, no. The lineage isn’t that simple, and V5 most definitely isn’t “the 5th microcontroller VEX has released”.


Well if we’re talking about just Vex Edr it would be the fifth microcontroller for Vex Edr which is probably what Taran meant although his list isn’t exactly correct.


It’s not the weight, it’s the volume.

Wireless motors would be awesome in theory, but it’d take at least 3x 18650 cells per V5 Smart Motor to make this feasible in real life. You could make it work off 2x 18650 cells per motor if you’d be willing to dial back the mechanical power to 393 Motor levels, but either way, this would still be a ridiculously massive motor.

After humanity finally cracks the secret behind cheap fusion power, and can afford to waste >99.9999% of it by having wireless power emitters everywhere, then small, lightweight wireless motors would be feasible.


Vex announces cheap fusion powered motors, ships in 8 weeks!!!


Is it waterproof for next years water game?

from my experiences it seems like private teams with only one to two people and a mom or dad have a major advantage over teams with five to six or seven people. something like this could be fixed by adding a private league for people with 1 or 2 people on the team.

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I think that’s a bit mean to new users.

I think the issue with those 5-7 person teams might be a lack of organisation. I can tell you that a lot of 5-7 person teams are able to do well, with correct leadership. As well as that, an underlying issue might be the fact that those 2 people teams are able to work from home, whenever they want, rather than under a school’s limits. Working independently allows many more luxuries, including budget, compared to with an established org or school, where money must be split. Creating an entirely new league would essentially split the community in half, and probably result in the same issues, as there are teams within both categories (big teams vs small teams) that are performing at different ends of the spectrum (super good vs super bad).


“Just for vex” shows that you do not value it as I do. There’s only one time in your life that you can do this, and I want to go to worlds and be competitive at least one time

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That’s all well and good but there are a number of amazing robotic programs available to get involved with after high school. I’m a senior as well. Yes, vex will no longer be an option if you skip an extra year of high school, but there will be multitudes of other opportunities to improve your mechanical prowess. I don’t want to dig too far into your business but if college is an option, the robotic extracurriculars you can get involved in at a university level are more in depth, and more challenging. Doing vex instead seems like an excuse to repeat something your knowledgeable about instead of learning something new. I’d encourage you to push your limits instead of repeating hs for vex.


Yes, that’s what I was trying to convey. I too love VEX, but there are so many other things as well.

VEX is a great program, but has many flaws. The main problem I have with vex is how exclusive they have made the program. They don’t allow the use of ANY non vex parts (besides like lexan and rubber bands). This means that can basically price their products at any price because no competition exists to drive down prices. For contrast, FTC allows pretty much anyone to become a supplier and distribute goods to teams, which thus drives down prices and makes it much more accessible.
I also think that 3-d printing should be allowed at all levels of VEX. It would really elevate the level of competition and promote students to learn how to CAD, which is a vital skill to have down the road.


No, what we need is more complicated and more expensive systems that no one can easily afford. Why work through design challenges when you can just have more power?

Though I understand your point, allowing for outside suppliers often drives an arms race of sorts in many sports and hobbies making it difficult for new entrants to be competitive … golf clubs… trap guns… tennis racquets … etc etc

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I think a lot of everyone’s replies here are based on their own goals or expectations, and I don’t think all of our expectations are the same.

I would agree with @ChrisR246 that the way VEX is done (not allowing external parts) was done with this specific intent. And this is one of the great things about VEX, it puts almost everyone at an equal playing field by requiring all participants to use from the same parts. This eliminates the arms race or only the most well funded teams can compete and do well.

This is one of the things I’m not big fan of FTC (besides that I think the last couple of games are a bit boring… no defenses played… my opinion :slight_smile:)

OP, when you posed the question, is there a point or frame of reference you had in mind? Your original post is pretty vague (and that may be good as it allows everyone to chime in with their opinions), although you replied later about teams with $$.


I didn’t really have anything specific in mind. This year was my first year in VEX and it’s changed my life in so many ways, but over the course of the season, i noticed some things that could potentially be changed (like how the program is slowly becoming more and more about entitlement) and I was just curious about what things other people noticed since I knew I couldn’t be the only one. I originally intended it to be more about stuff that we, as members of the vex community, could change rather than things that RECF could change (like rankings, for example), but honestly I don’t really mind the direction it’s gone in. I personally believe that it’s important to talk about things that need fixing, or else things won’t get fixed and so I think that it’s good to talk about any and all changes to vex as well.

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