Coding tutorial pdf

Hey does anyone have a pdf that I can use to learn vex coding? My team only has one coder and I would like to have some knowledge on coding so when our main coder isn’t there, I can help make changes.

What language, and for Cortex, V5, or IQ?

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V5 I think is the one that I need

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Awesome! In order for the community to assist in some way, what programming language do you use or plan to use?
VEXCode C++, VEXCode C++ Pro, VEXCode Python, VEXCode Blocks, C++ PROS, or something else?

For some basic coding tutorials I would use w3schools, its really helpful and has many coding languages in it.


Honestly for both C++ and Python I used w3schools. They aren’t vex focused, so to get better I just did random coding projects (make the robot go in a square, try out different sensors, etc.)

Edit: @robomaster beat me to it

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Vex code c++ I’m pretty sure

Hunker down and take notes:

In VEXCode, there’s a list of commands in the interface itself that you can figure out relatively quickly, and the VEXForum is filled with loads of examples on how to code your V5 robot. If you need help, just let me know :slight_smile:


My new team guide has a section about driver control coding and a section about autonomous coding (under the preparing for your first competition section)

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