Compression + tilter issue

Hello all! I am experiencing intake issues regarding compression, and having trouble moving my filter forward with a lot of cubes. Attached is a youtube video demonstrating my intakes, and pictures of my intakes and tilter. If anyone has any ideas to help me, that would be appreciated. Thanks!



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The main problem I see isn’t compresion. I think your rollers don’t have enough torque. What rpm is the motors? I also think the front rollers should be bigger so you can stack faster.


200rpm motors. Making the front sprockets smaller makes it less efficient at picking up cubes

yes, so make them bigger.
Your tray may not have enough angle. If you increase the angle cubes will go up more easily because they will push on the rollers less and the rollers will be more aligned with the tray. a lot of teams have started using “china intakes” which have staggered rollers and 100 rpm on the inside, and 166 rpm on the outside. These work pretty well and can push up a pretty large amount of cubes while allowing for a faster processing time.

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Oops I meant making them bigger makes them less efficient. Oopsies.
Also, tray angle shouldn’t be an issue

I have these “china intakes” but with chains and 200rpm

I haven’t done a whole lot of research on them but I’m pretty sure you don’t. China rollers are staggered so you can fit two 18 or 24 tooth sprockets and the rollers run at different speeds with the close one usually being 100 rpm and the outside being 166 rpm.

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those small sprockets suck in cubes very slow because they don’t make a lot of contact and they don’t have a high surface speed.

They’re slightly staggered. Enough that works for my bot. Would this be possible with a chain ratio?

They now suck them in at this contact, which intakes them st any angle

Also if you’re having trouble with the tilter, this is not the most efficient solution for you right now, but you should make the ratio you have currently stronger. You have 1:7 right now, with a 100RPM cartridge I assume? That by itself is plenty fast. I’ve seen many teams use this, but it burns the motors very quickly. A compound ratio is something to attempt for your next design. Try both a 15:1 with 100RPM and a 25:1 with 200RPM. The second option is slightly faster. I believe though, you want more accuracy than speed, so try the 15:1 first. These will both provide plenty of torque for you to tilt up 9 cubes or so, and will do so with more than enough speed. The key here though is whether or not it’s built correctly. If the bearings are aligned perfectly or the c channels aren’t aligned, you WILL experience gear slipping. So make sure it’s 100% structurally sound.


you really need to make the front rollers spin faster than the back ones. The way that makes the most sense imo is making both rollers 18t or 24t and making them on different rollers. It shouldn’t take too long. You should also make the outside rollers 150-200 rpm like i said earlier


Have you thought of trying standoffs

I’ve tried it. The issue I am having with it is space. Look @ this. They contract the other roller if it is 1 closer
That ratio is one too close

just change the sprocket size on the top chain.

I think compression is probably your issue. The intakes seem like they would work from the way I’m looking at it. Look at your hardstops near the intake joints, the ones made of white spacers? That looks like it could be improved. Try adding bands to the intakes to pull them inwards slightly. That may help.

compression isn’t the issue because the intake rollers completely stop.

Just switching the motors to 100rpm will probably make the intake work above 5 cubes, the other stuff is just suggestions.


The reason your tilter is does not have enough torque is because it’s offset incorrectly (assuming you want maximum torque). Whether or not intentional, the tilter is at a steeper angle than the tray when at rest.
This means that the tray will have to travel farther than the tilter to go forward. Since we know that mechanical advantage is distance effort / distance resistance, this layout will decrease your output torque. Instead, you want your tilter to have to rotate much more than the tray which can be accomplished by offsetting it the other way. It should look something like this:
To further increase torque output, make the powered bar as small as possible, since this will decrease the distance the tray moves, thus increasing mechanical advantage.


You shouldn’t need more than a 7:1 gear ratio with a 100rpm v5 motor. Up until this week I had a 7:1 gear ratio with 1 393 motor and had no issues with that. V5 motors are way stronger than 393 so I don’t think a compound gear ratio is necessary.