Driver station post for portable field perimeter

I mentioned a while ago that I was working on this project, now it’s done – the portable field perimeter doesn’t include any mount for the “driver interface” box in each driver station like the metal perimeter does, so I designed one.

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All the parts are 3D printed except for the 1/2" schedule 40 PVC pipe. Pipe of this size gets used in pretty much every VRC game, so you probably have some kicking around already. The length isn’t super critical but somewhere between 20 and 28 inches works well. We’re using pipes from the back of Change Up corner goals, which are 25.5 inches long.

Standard 8-32 hardware is used to mount the post to the field and the driver interface to the post. The mount to the perimeter is secured with a single 3" screw, which is longer than comes in any VEX kit (I think) but still a widely-available length.

STLs are up on Thingiverse:

And here’s a link to the Onshape project as well:


well done!

Next we need a V5 Field Control Driver station which would take the smart cables from the V5 Field Control and have an RJ 11 barrel for teams to plug into without destroying the smart cable at the end of match :slight_smile:


A cable storage hanger would be good, especially when using field risers.

I would use barrel connectors and have a short cable for the driver interface so if they break the cable, you do not have to rerun 8m back to the V5 Field Controller Brain.

This would do the trick…


There’s a second top cap which is a single piece and includes a couple hooks to stow the other ends of the short cables:

Although if our fields were elevated, I would probably just attach the driver interfaces directly to the outside of the perimeter.