Extended Stacker HELP

My team is thinking of making an extending stacker.How do you make it so it is pushed by the cubes so it can move freely up? I don’t completely understand the infinity part. Also, how do you slant it back?

Usually extending holder are on a DR4B and tilters flip out, but it doesn’t have to be. The idea with passive extending holders is that they have multiple sections that can slide up to hold more cubes then the starting size limit. For slating most teams make a small four bar to mount the motor behind the tilter. Then you want a gear ratio for lots of torque.

Here are some good examples…

448X, 21S, 6671X, and 1437Z RI3D Reveal

1961Z Tower Takeover Teaser: Mk. III

Extending tilter: https://youtu.be/Wvz_8Ja-JQw

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You probably heard the infinite part from…
DR4B Extending Reverse Stacker (V2)