Flywheel is not working

I believe that is a 60 tooth gear driving a 12 tooth gear (5:1) and a 36 tooth gear driving a 12 tooth gear (3:1). If you are using a green motor cartridge (200 rpm) this setup will give you a 15:1 gear ratio or 3000 rpm. This is a great flywheel speed. If you look at other flywheel related topics on the forum, the best flywheel rpms are between 3000 and 4200. Any faster doesn’t have the power needed to shoot the disc and can cause your flywheel motor to overheat faster. A 25:1 gear ratio is 5000 rpm and is most likely too fast and won’t generate enough power to shoot the disc. 15:1 is slower than 25:1 but will work better with a green cartridge. If you have blue motor cartridges, I’d recommend using them but if not, 15:1 ratio is what I would recommend.

There are many topics on the forum that clarify what I just said in a much better way. I’d look into this one if you have any. more questions about flywheel gearing.


Yes i see what you thinking

Yes i get it now im just new at VRC but im doing vex iq slapshot

This might not be related to your issue, but I would highly recommend changing the brake mode of your flywheel to coast. Hold is very unnecessary for flywheels, and it kills the motor(s) a lot faster.

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I tried rebuilding the flywheel in the ways the everyone recommended and it went the same speed so we looked at the code and it was just a minor thing that we messed up. I will try it with the new code and see if it works

If not, try to add lithium grease to places that might have friction. We did this and our flywheel started to work well and shoot 10 feet further.

in broken motors, if you mean the flywheel structure. Torque is a ratio of gears used in a ratio, not how many gears are screwed into a particular piece of metal. And if by

you meant using screw joints; those are for friction, not torque issues.

This is somewhat true, as more motors will give the mechanism they are powering more power IF they are powering the right gears. We don’t want teams to be breaking motors because one is on the 12 tooth gear and one is on the 84.

and undoubtedly the most friction. Also not a good idea if you intend on using double ratchets (which might be above specific teams’ skill sets like yours, who knows), which would constrain the motion of a particular subsystem to 1 direction. This would also have the adverse effect of preventing your robot from fixing intake jams or extra disc possession by reversing the intake.

And btw if your whole intent on joining the forums is to give your competitors bad advice to bog down the competition, it seems like stuff I would see from teams of your caliber so I’m not sure how effective it would be.


So we got our flywheel to work and found the problem was a bearing was making the motor turn to where it was not aligned well. This must have been casuing the friction that was slowing everything down. The flywheel works great and thank you everyone for helping me with this problem. Also later I will post a picture and specs of the flywheel.

btw, compression is also sometimes the issue, so watch out for that!

If I were you, I would make it have a bigger gear ratio and use and green motor cartridge to get just a little more torque but it will have less speed.

A flywheel needs a balance of speed and torque. If you use a green motor, in order to get the same speed and performance as a blue motor, you would need to use more gears. This increase in gears will then cause a lot more friction and greatly inhibit your flywheel’s performance. If you’re making a flywheel, use a blue motor unless you absolutely cannot. It will greatly improve your flywheel performance and make it more compact.

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What my team is doing, is a blue cartridge with a 7:1 ratio is perfect. It gets up to full speed quickly and launches the disc 10-12 feet.

No free lunch. Additionally… a green cartridge has more gear reduction (read: friction) than a blue one. So you lose twice.

It seems like a lot of these ratios are incorrect. You all seem to be putting the Driving Gear / Driven Gear. There is no way a 600rpm motor with a 7:1 ratio would ever reach 3000 rpm.

The math would be this: Output Speed = Input speed / GR so therefore your equation would be as such: 600 / (7/1) = 85.7 rpm. So the correct ratios should be in the correct order of Driven Gear Tooth / Driving Gear tooth. So the ratio of 1:7 is correct.

Any ratio that has a greater number in front will end up being a “torque” ratio. Please make sure you are not putting incorrect ratio on the forums or you will start to confuse people and perpetuate incorrect information.

While this is correct, people assume that for a flywheel you have to gear up the motor. Considering that everyone in this thread has used this terminology, I think they are assuming that a team will use common sense while building, and not make an 85.7 rpm flywheel.

Especially when people go out of their way to define which is the driven gear.


Ibam sorry this is my second year so i am still learning but i thought that driving gear was first