Google Sheets Helper Document for Relative Skills Ranking and Region/Worlds qualifiers

Okay, so earlier I had posted about RobotEvents no longer showing the relative ranking of teams when looking at a filtered view (e.g. looking at just one region). Frequently, toward the end of the season ahead of the State competition, I would use this view to help figure out where our teams should be ranking for skills to stand the best chance to get an invite to State if they hadn’t already qualified. With the change to only showing World Skill rank, this made it a lot tougher.

So, today, as I was chaperoning the space for my oldest to be building for VRC, I hammered out the following spreadsheet, available here:

This serves as a template to anyone who wants to use it to be able to import the latest skills rankings (from the convenient CSV file, genuine thanks RobotEvents!), filter to your region of interest, and see the relative ranking.

I then took it a step further, because when you’re wanting to know the likelihood of making it into your State or Region’s qualifier, it helps to know who ahead of you is already qualified to state, so you can estimate how many invites are likely to be made from the World Skills list for your region. Additionally, because I’m hopeful all of my ES teams will make it to State, I did the same thing for Worlds qualifications.

There are instructions on the very first tab, so make your own copy, let me know how it works and share any constructive feedback. As a note, I’m not a web-savvy programmer, I don’t know anything about REST APIs (other than how to spell it :wink: ), so I’m not trying to make it do live imports or anything. If someone else wants to come up with something to add on to make it more betterer in that case, I’m happy to incorporate it to the template. Also, I have not tried this for anything other than IQ & VRC, no idea if it works for any other things (like Go, drone stuff; haven’t tried VEX U, but it should work).

Thanks to @adrienschlag for being my guinea pig tester. :smiley:


Updated this to v0.2. This update added a column to the main view to show (when filtered to a single region) how many teams ahead of a given team are not yet qualified to the regional championship (for which you’ve put data in for along with importing the latest skills list).

Version history at the bottom of the instructions tab has a little bit more info as well.



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