Gyro Suddenly stopped working?

I have tried another port and it doesnt work either and i tried the port with a potentiometer and it works fine. @jpearman

I have many different wires of different lengths and none of them are working please help!

Idk if this helps but the value counts up to around 3600 and then resets to zero and goes again

Ours was working fine, and then just stopped working for no reason. It just started to count up infinitely. Our programmer then went to take it off of the robot and it burnt his hand pretty bad. Check to see if it is warm at all. If it is, I would contact Vex immediately, and try to get is replaced ASAP.

@squirrelman777 it is not warm at all

so you eliminated the V5 port if a pot works. It just sounds like your gyro died.

so i got a new gyro and when i tested it, it still keeps on counting up even when i am holding it still. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Any help would be appreciated.

Please and Thankyou

Gonna sound dumb, but did you plug the gyro in the correct way? You might have pwr, ground or signal cables mixed up or something. If you can, try hooking it up to another v5 brain with the same exact wires and gyro and if it works there then it could be something with the brain. Make sure you are completely updated, and if you are try downgrading maybe to see if that does anything.