Help me with my base

so as you can see I have a base…
I took everything apart from my last comp and this is what i’m left with. I don’t want to restart but I feel as if everything is not aligned! Please help

If you look at how this is built, there are many ways to keep everything lined up. if you screw on standoffs between parallel bars, it keeps it parallel.


Get your tape measure and check the front and back of your chassis. It looks like the spacing between your c-channels varies from front to back. Notice that you have a standoff on one side of your chassis, but no structural member connecting those two c-channels anywhere else. Get at least one more point of contact between them, preferably something that connects all 4 c-channels on the chassis. You may need to adjust the number of spacers on some of your shafts. It also looks like your motors are crooked; I think I see a spacer shoved on some of the shaft between your motor and the c-channel. Get rid of that spacer - it doesn’t fit. Start with those changes and see if it helps!


Thanks! this helps a lot, i’ll post again if it doesn’t help!