How to build a drivetrain?

Hey all!

I’m new to robotics and vex and i was wondering what resources there are to get started with creating a drivetrain. I’ve looked into Harvard-Westlake’s Bullseye robot but my school doesn’t have all the parts for it.

I kind of want to take my own approach with a 1:3 gear ratio to maximize speed with 4wd at about 300rpm and with 6 of the small omni wheels.

Are there any resources with how to actually setup a drivetrain? Especially when it comes to things like spacers, standoffs, how to build a proper chassis, etc.

Please let me know where these resources are if they exist. Thank you very much in advance!

To learn the VEX building system, take a look a the VEX Trainer-builds available here: V5 Build Instructions - Downloads - V5 - VEX Robotics The V5 clawbot is a good place to start, it’s a soundly built robot that shows various details of working with the VEX robotics system. After that, you could build the current season’s trainer, or better, work through the design process to create your own robot.

VEX has a great resource for beginning teams to learn the design process and how to make decisions. Take a look here, and especially look at the “engineering” section to see how experienced teams have worked through making their design decisions:


@Xenon27 has some some good posts about building a solid drivetrain.

Designing a Quality Drive

Designing Another Quality Drive


Thank you! Those videos were very helpful!

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I’ve been looking just for this, thank you so much!


While these links are not specific for drivetrains, but as a new builder, these are good tips to help building your entire robot. Hope they help.

Vex Building Tips

Vex Building Tips Everyone Should Know


You should also take a look at Mentorbuilt, a robot that uses different resources to achieve the same goal. Thanks @Connor_Howard for the awesome resource.