How to mechanically press odom wheels into the ground?

I was browsing the forums and I stumbled upon this post. One of the later replies to this post mentioned how odometry wheels should be mechanically pressed into the ground to avoid slippage (this reply).

I was just wondering how would you go about doing this? Thanks in advance

you mount your wheels on a pivot, and rubber band them into the ground.


One way you could go about doing this would be to have the odometry wheel mounted on an arm with a joint connected to the robot. You could either just let gravity press the wheel in the ground or you could have a rubber band past the pivot point to press the wheel into the ground

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How would you go about rubber banding them into the ground? Thanks for the reply.

Thanks! I’m wondering how you would go about rubber banding them into the ground.

I was gonna do a whole cad reveal of my bot later, maybe I still will, but here’s my odometry wheel.tracking wheel 2
The idea is you would hinge it at the part on the right and maybe rubber band it to hold it down.
Edit: Yes, I know there are no bearing blocks. I used a lock bar on one side and the sensor is enough on the other.


Mk1 Chassis iso

you can see two tracking wheels on hinges in this render in the back of the bot, you’d simple use rubber bands to pull the hinge down.


Oh I see it now. This helps a lot. Thanks!

Here is a poor MS Paint drawing of how it may work image
Sorry, but I don’t have CAD skills


This is a very helpful drawing. Thanks!

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That’s really helpful! Thanks!

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You can also find some great examples here:

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and here:

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