How to put more programs in the brain

How can I receive as programs in the brain I already tried to put a memory with the programs and kept giving it only one program
How can I do it ???

Usually it is helpful to know what you are coding on (VexCode, Robotmesh Studio, PROS, etc.). You have placed this topic in VexCode VR Support, and in VexCode VR you can’t have more than one program downloaded.
The actual V5 brain can have up to 8 programs downloaded. You can run any of these programs. Downloading into a slot with a program already in it will erase the program from the V5 brain. To change the program slot you download to…

In VexCode:

There should be a number next to the name of the program you are editing, like below.


Clicking that number will bring up an interface to select a new program slot to download to. When you download your program, it will go to the specified slot on the V5 brain.

In RobotMesh Studio:


Hopefully this was helpful and answered your question! :smile: