How to stop wall bots?

I have came to the realization that that year there are going to be many wall bots (a bot that acts like a wall to defend you or your teammates from scoring.) I don’t know if there is way around them but if so please give examples!


Then you are playing 2v1 against the other robot. One bot could won the towers and the other could use the square goal. Still stuff to do. Or one bot can play defense against the other while one is free to work.

Or, just build a really sturdy wheel base and make your way through!

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it is simple build a fast robot and beat them off the start line. then block them from “walling”.

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Please move this thread to the proper channel. You are talking about the VEX EDR game, not IQ.



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If you were to build a drivebace that allows you to push the robot you would be pushing it into your scoring zone giving it a DQ? The rules say you cannot force another team to DQ making it so your team is not DQed.

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the rule book says that in (note) that you can push wall bots / cap bots. it does say that exsessive damage could result in a DQ if the head referee enforces the DQ.

it is sapose to say < G12 > (note)

According to G12, wallbots have no protection from pushing, tipping, or entanglement. Double check with the head referee at the driver’s meeting, then go ahead and tip over the wall bot any way you can.


What I find might be useful is both you and your alliance pushing the same part of the wallbot, and then continue ramming the wallbot together until an opening forms. Alternatively, you as soon as the match starts, get one robot to play defense on the non wallbot, while the other scores while being trapped by the wallbot.

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That would never happen :slight_smile:

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wallbots only work if your partner is stronger than both of your opponents are after you’ve walled them. where could you deploy a wallbot that makes this the case?

Or your wallbot can prevent the other alliance from getting cubes but dumping the cubes over its own wall…

Couldn’t you wall of their scoring zones? That way the only way they can effect the score is by multiplying what they already have which would probably also multiply your score.


having a cube launcher invalidates wall bots