It's Lunar Lander Month! Build one and win $50

Fifty years since man first made boot prints on the moon. Celebrate by creating your best moon lander and putting the picture here.

Any VEXIQ / Hexbug part can be used.

You need to post at least three pictures of different angles so other budding Apollo fans can duplicate your lander. Pictures posted here please.

On July 21, one $50 prize for VEX parts (your choice, free shipping) will be given out to the best model.

(Fine point: Judges rule is final. I’ll contact you on what parts you want, drop ship via FEDEX ground to your location. Pictures must be clear enough that others can build your amazing lander. No age limit. Multiple prizes may be awarded. Not valid in states that don’t allow contests or robots)


So does it have to successfully land on the moon?


I’m a big fan of style points, but no launch windows between now and the cut off date. So, on your kitchen table is fine.


Is this for kids or adults? :slight_smile:

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Yes. The phrase " No age limit. Multiple prizes may be awarded. " will be your key!

Looking for roboteers to build, but knowing your and other’s build skills happy to see what you come up with.


I can post my pictures anytime before the deadline right?

Yes, any time between now and the 21st is fine. Thanks for entering!

Here is my build! Unfortunately I did not have the greatest inventory of parts so I had to use substitues/different colors for some areas but nevertheless, I finished and I’m proud of it… Hope you guys enjoy!
IMG_0822 !
IMG_0825 IMG_0824 IMG_0821 IMG_0826


Very, very nice. I love how you used the yellow and orange parts to be the gold sections on the Lander.


Here is my son’s submission. Brandon: age 9. image






Simple, but elegant Brandon, very nice design. Good pictures @trossheat, almost look like the lander is on the moon.


Just a reminder, a week to go to get your Lunar Lander’s built!

50 years ago today the Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle was nestled inside the fairing atop the 3rd stage of the mighty Saturn V rocket. At 21:00 GMT on July 14, the terminal countdown clock began at t-minus 28 hours. 40 hours and 32 minutes later (including scheduled holds), the Saturn V lept heavenword, propelling the three astronauts in the Columbia Command Module and the Eagle Lunar Module into orbit about earth and then to the moon.

Here is my loving recreation of that iconic Eagle Lunar Module, now equipped for Sammy to take “One small step for several anthropomophized VEX IQ pieces, one giant leap for VEX IQ kind.”

lem descent ascent

Additional images:

Thanks, @Foster for coming up with this idea! This was a lot of fun, and this is an event that deserves to be remembered and celebrated!


The landers are great and the astronauts are an amazing addition!


Wow, just wow. Sammy Armstrong on the moon! Nice build!! And the first adult entry, making me happy that I stated “multiple awards” in the rules. And gauntlet thrown at other master builders (hey looking at you @Art_Dutra_IV and @ChuckGlick) to bring on their builds.

OK roboteers, the Saturn V is in the VAB, about to roll to the launch pad. You now have three really amazing models to use as your inspiration. It’s time to build you LEM and show it off.


This is a cool contest, and I’m enjoying the photos posted so far!

I built up a model of the Lunar Lander at the VEX Explorers astronaut scale several months ago. The model heavily uses a lot of the space-themed deco parts from the VEX Explorers kits, as well as some of the modular body panels more generally used in recent (and pending new) HEXBUG VEX Robotics kits. But I’m holding back from posting full photos for now. :wink:

Until then, here are some cool deco parts from some of the HEXBUG VEX Robotics kits that can add some awesome details to your space-themed models:

228-2500-1898: Astronaut
• Available in most VEX Explorers kits
• Includes deco stickers for both Neil and Buzz


228-2500-1689: 1x4 Single-Ended Ball Socket Beam
• Receiving the first samples from the new injection mold for this part is actually what inspired me to build my Lunar Lander model a few months ago, as it made the complex angled geometry of the landing legs a lot easier to build.
• This part will be available in an exciting new HEXBUG VEX Robotics kit that will be available soon from HEXBUG’s website and Costco.


And a whole bunch of other modular panels and deco parts that might be useful:



Here is one by an instructor at our summer camp. It moves so I will have to post video on instagram.

image image image image


Ohhh baby, is that pretty! Nice build! Looking forward to seeing how it moves!

OK roboteers, the LEM is in lunar orbit, and in about 24 hours it will start the descent to the moon. Time to take those parts out and do the last assembly! Clock is counting down on your Lunar prize!