Lets Get The Forums Back On Topic

So I think we have all noticed there has been steep decline in the quality of the vexforum lately, and many chit-chat/rumor mill topics have collapsed into meaningless spam. I’ve also noticed that DRow is getting unnecessarily pinged quite often. I make this topic to ask all you frequent chit-chat/rumor mill goers to please settle down. I get that these posts are in the chit-chat/rumor mill category, but its reached the point where there are multiple active topics with nothing but useless spam and DRow pings.

But I didn’t just make this topic to complain, but to offer a solution. you lads seem to enjoy just chatting and nonsense, so I will take the initiative to create a large PM where you can do just that. Then you can spam and ping drow all you want (pretty sure he doesn’t get pings from pm’s) and the public chit-chat/rumor mill threads can return to being used for their intended purposes.

If you would like to be added to the PM, please tell me through this poll (I don’t need hundreds of posts in the topic saying “add me”)

  • I would like to be added to the PM
  • I would like to be spared from certain chaos.

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Please make use of my solution so that we can keep all of the spam and chatting to a single, hidden location.
Thank you.


lol, I was just about to make the same thread.

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Thank you very much for taking initiative on this. I was trying to think of a solution to this and I believe that the collective forum as well as DRow’s email will appreciate this.


It was getting out of hand tbh. so when this fails and the forum ends up being a cesspool of spam, at least I can say I tried to save it.


If it gets really bad, everyone do remember you can mute the rumor mill channel. That’ll filter out pretty much all of the non-exclusively robotics content.


This is an option, though personally I would like to be able to see quality vex memes without the spam.


Those died when the invention of cubeshopping came around


but now that the PM exists perhaps they will return.

That’s not a good thing

better than just spam and chatting tbh. which I will remind you has a home in the PM, not here.

Rip misunderstood thought you were making a pm for people that didn’t want to get spammed. Please don’t add me to the pm

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If you press hide results you can change your answer (I was today years old when I found this out too)


Drow is a meme. Memes die when they get overused.
Please do not overuse the DRow meme. We would be very sad if it died out


This is exactly what we are referring to. There was no point in that message and it contributed nothing to any productive discussion. It seems that most of the forum has turned into stuff that is not really robotics-related and is just meta (as in the talking about ones-self kind of meta) discussion, meme threads, and people asking how to download VCS. There seems to have been a die-off of actual sharing of ideas and actually helping others and a sharp increase in people tagging a certain admin for no reason other than to contribute to a meme that really wasn’t that funny in the first place. Sorry for the rant, but I and a few of my SCA friends on here have been noticing this trend and are getting increasingly concerned about it. We came up with this solution to try to make a place to put all of the shenanigans to keep it out of sight of those who didn’t want to participate in it.

Another possible solution would be for the admins to enable to TL3 lounge which would let people who have proven their worth to this community have a place to goof around as they have been in the general forum.

Alternatively, the forum rules could be changed to limit the fun but pointless threads like this one, but no one wants that, so self-moderation seems to be the only solution that would work to make the forum more productive yet still maintaining a certain level of fun in the conversation.


I agree tbh. I remember how productive the forum was in ITZ and TP. Idk what happened this season. so far there have been tons of double posts, a lack of people sharing ideas, o god so much topic derailing, and I think that a lot of the people who used to be incredibly helpful on the forum left (might be cause they graduated, might be cause they didn’t wanna be a part of this).

I found the vex forum a pretty long time ago and decided to create an account this season and honestly I’m kinda disappointed with how everything ended up. Not to say it isn’t funny, but there’s a time and place for meme threads and the amount of derailing that has been going on is insane. not gonna name names here but I inda feel bad for Drow and how he’s had to babysit the forum ever since this sort of stuff happened.

Just my 2 cents so do what you want with it. I like the idea @Xenon27 proposed (bringing all of this into PM’s) so please take what I’ve said to heart and bring the VEX Forum back to its original state.


Another possible idea (I don’t know if this is possible or if it is good) is to maybe make a completely separate tab for this with the main tab being actual productive work.

That is more work on the devs and just putting it in a private dm is better

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Petition to flag any nonproductive posts for the next month relating to DRow as spam

  • Yes
  • No

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Make VF Great Again!

Really, there’s only so much we can do. Eventually, the incessant scolding will become its own form of spam. I think maybe it already has.

A big pm is what we had to do in the olden days. And that worked out just fine.

And I, too, would like to see “quality Vex memes,” but if those just entail evoking more spam, then I’m all for eliminating them.

As stated above, self-moderation is really the only way to effectively fix these issues. (I’d go back to my idea of elections to help DRow moderate within the community, but that’s a bad idea for various reasons.)
So self control it is.


Honest to god, I am going to flag as spam any meme that is posted outside of the chit-chat or is not funny!

@enothecool consider yourself warned.