Motor continue at hard stop mechanism?

Hello! I’ve been having a dilemma but brain’s too slow for me to solve it. Is there a mechanism in which we can let the motor continue spinning while it’s linked to an arm that’s applying pressure at a hard stop point? Let’s say if we want to have a mechanism that is tipping up the robot at a 45deg angle exactly with a simple arm1 spin on axle thing, and I would like to be able to do that at a hard stop 45deg while I power another arm2 to keep spinning with the same motor until it makes a whole rotation after the other one tips the robot up at arm1 45deg has locked in position. Then after, arm1 and arm2 can spin back to their original positions again.

If I understand you correctly, what you may need is a ratcheting mechanism.

This may help.


Woa! That seems really promising!! Would you know if the stopped mechanism can hold about two pounds force?

It really depends on how well the ratchet mechanism is built. A well built one should. This thread is also categorized as vexu, so I assume you can fabricate your own parts to make as strong of one as you need.


Ohhh gotcha, thank you so much for your help!

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Ah, though do you think it would be possible at all with simple vrc parts at my disposal?

Maybe try this:


:0! Woa that’s definitely doable with what I have! Thank you once again, you were a really big help!

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