Playable simulator for Change Up + Online Competitions

Start testing your own strategies and practicing for the upcoming season with the newly released simulator for the 2020-2021 VEX Robotics Competition game Change Up!

We are excited to welcome VEX fans to the xRC Sim community, in addition to FTC and FRC! You can download the latest version of xRC Sim to play with the field in a virtual simulation. xRC Sim supports full real-time multiplayer and virtual reality for every supported game!

:tada: Join us this Sunday, May 24 for the launch of the SVC league of competitive virtual Change Up play! :tada:
We have upcoming competitions and tournaments in the works for Change Up as a part of the brand-new SVC league! Our very first SVC event will be taking place this Sunday, May 24! Learn the meta of multiplayer Change Up and start forming your strategies!
Sunday’s SVC event will model a traditional VRC event model, complete with a randomly generated qualification schedule, alliance selection, and elimination playoffs! Be a part of the first ever virtual competition for Change Up! Be sure to tell your friends and teammates to join and invite them to compete.
Check-in will take place at 2pm ET (11am PT) and qualification matches will begin at 3pm ET (12pm PT)! The entire event will be broadcast on Twitch via FirstUpdatesNow!

To participate in any of our events, to receive support for the sim, or to chat with other passionate simmers, join the xRC Sim Discord community at

Download and play the release of xRC Sim now!


Be sure to check out the live event at (or compete yourself)!

You can checkout the gameplay in this GIF:


is this supported on chrome OS?

xRC Sim officially supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. ChromeOS makes it a little bit more challenging to install third-party apps on, but it is possible to install Linux apps on ChromeOS… although it may require a little bit of tinkering around in the terminal. I recommend searching for a tutorial online if you can’t borrow another computer to use.


That looks awesome! I can’t wait to come.

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Can you either post a screenshot of what you mean, or join the xRC Discord for support? We have plenty of players that have been playing the sim without issue, so hopefully we can get this issue solved for you.


How can we create our own robots?


I can’t find the option to.


I’m pretty sure you can only use the presets.

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There is currently no feature to create your own robot models, but you can select between the robot model presets under Settings > Robot. This simulation is focused more on the gameplay side rather than the robot design side.


nice job on making this

I love it!


This is pretty awesome, I’ll definitely have to look into it.


Quick note. Is it possible to use the V5 controller with a PC? look here for a tutorial for using the V5 controller with this simulator.


Please make a backup if you choose to do this (Messing up with RegEdit can permanently damage your computer)


Good point. As long as you don’t accidentally delete random stuff you should be fine. But yes don’t go messing with RegEdit unless you are 100% sure you know what is going to happen (in this case you do) and you have a back up.


Today is the day! SVC Event #1 will take place this afternoon!

It is not too late to participate! If you are interested in taking part in the inaugural VEX Change Up online simulator tournament, be sure to join the Discord server at and check-in at 2:00pm ET. Check-ins will be open for 30 minutes, and you must react to a message in the svc-announcements channel in order to be placed on the qualification schedule. Matches will start at 3:00pm ET.

Be sure to check out all the live action on FirstUpdatesNow via Twitch! The stream starts at abotu 3:00pm ET. See you there!


Check-in is open until 2:30pm ET (or 20 minutes from when I posted this)! You still have time to join and participate! See you at today’s event!

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On Sunday, May 31, we will be holding our second SVC event: the Double Elimination Bracket Tournament!

How does this event structure work? Basically, you will enter the tournament as a team of 2, either of your own mutual choosing or individually to be randomly paired up with other individual players. The teams will be randomly seeded to fill out as large of a bracket as we are able to create, and played out until we have a winner. It’s double elimination. All matches are best of 1, however it is double elimination so if you lose a match you can still win the event from the losers bracket. The full event should run for approximately 2-3 hours, but once you are eliminated you will not have to stay

The tournament starts at 3:00pm ET / 12:00pm PT.

(If you have a partner already worked out, only one of you needs to submit the form. Do not submit a team unless both members have mutually agreed on the team.)

Be sure to join the xRC Sim Discord server if you plan to participate!


We are pleased to announce a Double Elimination Bracket Tournament this Sunday (6/7) at 3pm Eastern!

Participants can enter as a team of 2 or sign up to be randomly paired with another individual user.
Event will be streamed on FUN!

Same rules as SVC Double Elim Event #1, however if you have won an SVC Double Elim Bracket in the past, you may not sign up with the same partner you won said event with.

Join the xRC Discord to compete and learn more:
Event will be streamed live on Twitch:


TODAY is our full SVC Tournament! This event will be complete with qualification matches, alliance selection, and eliminations. This will be one of the first large scale looks into how VEX Change Up gameplay fits into win points and ranking in a tournament. Don’t miss it!

You do not need to register in advance for this event. To compete, show up and react to a message on Discord between 2:00pm and 2:30pm ET on the day of the event. Everyone that checks-in will be put on the quals schedule. See you then!

Today’s Schedule:
2:00pm ET - Check-in Opens
2:30pm ET - Check-in Closes
3:00pm ET - Quals Start

Join the xRC Discord to compete and learn more:
Invite your friends to this server to compete!

Watch live at!