Refund of WC registration fee due to coronavirus

Dear @DanMantz

In case the US government will not accept travelers from Asian countries due to coronavirus,
will REC Foundation refund the WC registration fee?

We are worried about participating because there is a very risk without a refund. But the registration deadline is only in a few days.

Please reply to us as soon as possible.


This has been talked about in depth here:

The current response from Dan is:

We will receive final word about this in the second week of March, which is next week.


Thank you for your reply. I know these responses. We have to spend the registration fee in a few days. We can’t wait so many days. We just want to know if they will refund…

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Probably more effective if you reach out to RECF. Here is a useful link:


I would assume they would refund people paying to enter the championship, if it is cancelled.

If I were you, I would register, to be safe.
I’ve registered and imo it would be absurd to not refund a $1k fee.

This is a link to the refund policy for Worlds (see “refund policy” tab):

VEX Robotics World Championship registration cancellations must be received by March 16, 2020, in order to receive a full refund. All cancellations must be emailed to with the team number and the contact information for the team. Teams that cancel on March 17, 2020, or after will not receive a refund for their registration fee.


PSA: Dan Mantz is a busy CEO. Perhaps a little research on your own before going directly to him.


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