Robot Mesh Virtual Academy (IQ preview now available)

Introducing Robot Mesh Virtual Academy: A turnkey solution for learning robotics programming.

Robot Mesh Virtual Academy will be released fully in May 2020 for IQ and V5. However a free to use preview is available now through end of April 2020. This preview is a little earlier than we had planned, but want to make something available for students working remotely while schools and districts are closed in many regions.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign Up for a new account, or login to your existing Robot Mesh Studio Account
  3. Click the “My Assignments” button
  4. Then click “Try Robot Mesh Virtual Academy”
  5. Then chose the first mission: A01 - Run Program IQ to get started


We welcome any questions and feedback here or over in the Robot Mesh Forum.

More details about the update to Robot Mesh Studio are here.


P.S. We have another update in a few days targeted at more experienced users - watch this space!


I’ve added one additional project to the trial (G05 - Bright Line). For anyone who has already started a trial, you can get the updated version by clicking the same trial button again. This will erase your previous copies of the lessons and replace them with new ones, including any new lessons that have been added since your last. We will continue adding new projects as we complete them.


Will this Virtual Academy work on iPad browsers?

Thanks so much for doing this! It is going to make things so much easier for those of us who teach robotics or engineering and are now faced with the daunting task of doing it remotely. I can’t wait to see the V5 version when it is released!

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We’ve just released an update to Robot Mesh Studio online (and therefore Virtual Academy) to provide support for Safari browser on Mac and iPad. Please let us know how well it works. Different models of iPads have differing processor and graphics support.

This minor update also improves mimic startup performance (particularly for users on slower internet connections).

Stay tuned for further updates.