<RSC5> loophole

I was under impression that G* applies to driver skills matches, not to robot skills matches. Or am I wrong? G17 explicitly prohibits strategically moving game objects, but is/will there be a similar clause in RSC?

You’d have to seek official clarification via the Q&A, we can only speculate based on our own interpretation of the rules.
@sankeydd has posted such a question and it’s still awaiting an answer at the moment.


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W[quote=“calvc01, post:22, topic:68613”]
You’d have to seek official clarification via the Q&A, we can only speculate based on our own interpretation of the rules.

Well, it’s official: “… legal within RSC5, which supersedes G17 for Programming Skills Matches”. So one way to exploit this would be to have the bot pick up a cube, take the robot to the other starting position, place the cube in front of the nearest scoring area, have the bot push the cube into the scoring area, and repeat! <Sarcasm mode="off">

I’m sure no one cares, but I think that is the wrong decision regarding the red and blue cubes

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You already have teams programming to carry cubes across the field… Back to the drawing board.

I did not see this coming… It’s generally inconsistent with where I thought they were going.

One of my kids who took a board home already emailed me about this. It will make the front two cubes super easy but the back two will still be tricky. Refs will initially be confused…

I agree with you 100%… But this is what we have. I have disagreed with a couple of decisions this year, but once it is made that’s just the game.


That’s a real surprise and definitely against the spirit of the program. It’s a shame to my mind and I won’t be encouraging any of the teams I mentor to use that strategy, but at least we are now informed.


Extrapolating, it can also make the high green platform a little easier… get the middle green cube… reset the robot… place the green cube in front of the robot with it rotated so that the cross is now available to claw without having to flip the cube in programming and find it… score the high platform


That’s interesting… I already posted another question to the Q&A: Can they reset the cube on top of balls?


:joy: RSC5 b is ambiguous. The cube can’t be placed as scored but it doesn’t state that a different object can’t become scored as a result of placing the cube. I’m hoping you can’t place it over a ball but we’ll wait to see!

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I really wish they would have just said, put the scoring object back where it started

I posted this to a couple of Facebook groups. Everyone’s going nuts.

We’ll see where it goes.

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Yeah, I wish this would have been the programming skills rules.

I’m a bit torn about the ruling. On one hand, I felt previous seasons’ rule where an object that was being touched/held by the robot when the robot was touched by a student had to be taken out of play. That made programming skills very unforgiving. But, RSC5 as it stands now swings the pendulum really far to the other side almost to the point where it now becomes who’s the most clever in figuring out how to manipulate an outcome.

The best option in my mind would have the element placed back to its original starting position (I know it’s difficult for the balls) and let the student take another pass at it.


For younger kids the cubes would have been tough as well. This makes it easy for the kids and refs, it just has to be not scored.

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I am very disappointed in this ruling. It should be, any object touching the robot when it is reset should just be placed right where it is or as close to where it was. In my opinion, moving cubes all the way across the field to the closest scoring position isn’t teaching the kids anything other than to exploit loopholes. I really hope this gets changed.

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I’m not sure how this would work for the sake of the referees. How close is close enough? So the rule would have to be either to remove it from the field or the kids can put it wherever they want.

The issue only really affects cubes and they could have been placed back on their respective positions at the start of a match to avoid any confusion. Balls could have been placed anywhere on the field since there is no real advantage to placing them close to the robot or anywhere else on the field.


I posted the following additional questions:


  1. When a team resets a controlled cube to a non-scored position, can they place the cube on top of balls?
  2. In the process of placing the cube on top of a ball, can the students use the cube to move the ball?
  3. Can the students place the cube on top of a stack of preset balls?
  4. Does the cube need to be in place before the bot starts again in the case that two students are working together?
  5. Can the cube, after being removed from the robot, be placed back on the robot?
  6. When a blue or red cube is placed on the opposite side of the field, can it be placed between the other cube and the wall? It seems like there is enough room, but the students may move the other cube a little bit in the process.

All great questions, especially #6.

This seems completely out of the spirit of fair play, I hope the continue to clarify this back in a different direction.